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Save more on Data, Talk & Messaging

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Save more on Data, Talk & Messaging

All Bundles come with:

Unlimited Digicel Minutes


  • 5GB

  • Unlimited
    Digicel Calls

  • 2GB

  • $60.00
  • activate now
  • 1.5GB

  • Unlimited
    Digicel Calls

  • 500MB

  • $22.00
  • activate now
  • 750MB

  • Unlimited
    Digicel Calls

  • 250MB

  • $11.00
  • activate now



Boost your Quick Pick Bundle

Get unlimited Social Media


Once you've activated your bundle, boost it with a Social media add on.  Get unlimited WhatsApp & Facebook (voice and video calling included), Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.  

Social Media Bundle
30 Days 7 Days 1 Day
$ 20.00 $ 5.00 $ 1.00



More About Quick Picks Frequently Asked Questions

No, Quick Data + Talk minutes do not apply to local landline calls. 


Yes. Unused minutes and data bundles rollover once you allow the plans to auto renew or if you activate the same or another plan before expiry of the grace period. Unused minutes and data bundles will be stored but not accessible by the customer until they activate a new QUICK PICK plan within 24 hours.

  • If your Quick Pick plan expires, you have a 24 hour grace period to activate the same or another Quick Pick plan. Once activated within that time, any unused bundles from your last plan will be rolled over.
  • You can therefore benefit from unlimited rollover once you keep a plan active.
  • If you allow the 24 hour grace period to expire any unused bundles will be lost.


No. Auto renewal will not occur during the grace period, even if auto-renewal was enabled on the plan before expiry, you will have to activate a QUICK PICK plan on your own to get back your unused minutes and data bundles.


If you continue usage beyond your plans expirations, you’ll be charged the PAYGO rate of $0.34 per MB for data and applicable out of bundle voice rates.


More About Social Add-Ons Frequently Asked Questions

Social Bundle Add-ons are only available to customers with active Quick Pick Bundles.  The validity/Visibility of the Social Bundle is dependent on which Quick Pick Plan is active ex: I day and 3 Day Quick Pick Users will only have access to the 1 day Social Bundle.


No. The apps included are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or Twitter. Globally, these are the most used social media services.


Yes. Once a quick pick plan is active you can reactivate your social bundle and keep your roll over data.


No. The Social Add-Ons will not auto renew as it can only be activated once a Quick Pick Bundle is active.


Activate your prepaid plan easily with My Digicel App

Activate your plan easily with My Digicel App


  • Convenient access right at your fingertips
  • Top up from the App
  • Easily check your data balance and credit
  • Renew your plan or activate a new one


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