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Digicel DL 1

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DL 1 Smartphone Range

The new generation of the most popular smartphones are here. The Digicel DL 1 Range has arrived. See details for our latest handsets below.

DL 1 Plus:

Our flagship DL 1 Plus device comes with LTE capability to electrify your lifestyle. It’s also built with a 5.5” HD touchscreen, 1.5GB RAM plus 16GB memory you require to power all the applications you need. The DL 1 Plus also comes with an 8mp front camera with flash and 13mp rear camera.

DL 1:

The Digicel DL 1 is LTE capable and comes equipped with a 5” screen, 1GB RAM plus 8GB memory you require to power all the applications you need. Take the perfect portrait with its 8mp camera with MiraVisionTM technology.


Digicel DL1 Plus

Punctuate Your Style

USD 169


Digicel DL 1

Discover the DL in a whole new world Android 6.0

USD 129



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