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Digicel is op zoek naar een gedreven en creatieve Marketing Executive. Mail jouw motivatiebrief + CV naar

Department: Marketing

Reports to: Head of Marketing


Primary objective of the job

The MARKETING EXECUTIVE is responsible for protecting the company’s brand equity, and supports efforts at ensuring the company’s positive image in marketing communications including but not limited to advertising, branding, retail and customer care operations is kept at a consistently high level and also to maintain an excellent level of relationship with DCL, the dealer channel and other key stakeholders in the business.


Qualifications and experience required for job

• Bachelor’s degree in Marketing

• 2-3 years’ experience working in a similar commercial role

• Experience in and with the mobile telecommunications sector would be considered a valuable asset

• Previous sales experience, with demonstrated success is an asset.

• Previous experience in a customer service environment is an asset.


Functional skills

• Excellent writing and communication skills

• Creativity and willingness to work on own initiative

• Ability to work under pressure with strong attention to detail

• Word, PowerPoint and excel proficiency

• Over average understanding of design

• Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal/ written)

• Flexible and quick-thinking

• Must be customer oriented

• Ability to rapidly learn new tools and understand new environments


DIVISION: Technical

REPORTS TO: IP and Packet Core Manager


Primary Objective:

- Ensure maximum possible service availability and performance

- Provision customer network services on core equipment

- Provide support services for Engineering and other technical teams



- Perform software and hardware upgrades, system backups and restorations

- Perform preventative maintenance to ensure highest availability of the IP Core



- Provide expertise required to isolate, troubleshoot and correct IP Core related faults

- Perform system health checks

- Identify critical points of failure and provide recommendations for correction

- Create and maintain network documentation

- Identify and define system security requirements

- Configure and troubleshoot security infrastructure devices

- Apply vulnerability patches on systems, not limited to the IP Core dept (windows, linux


- Ensure optimal operation of connectivity for services to core system, e.g. ICT core,

Packet Core

- Perform daily service availability checks

- Ensure availability of services in all scenarios

- Troubleshoot and correct service faults

- Monitor and analyze logs and statistics to identify/troubleshoot potential or existing

problems in the IP Core Network

- Provide statistics to Network Planning for reporting and forecasting

- Analyze statistics to determine network capacity requirements

- Ensure adequate inventory of spares are kept in the event of system failure

- Develop procedures to ensure uniform administration throughout all systems

- Develop Unix/Linux/Other scripts to simplify operation and administrative tasks

- Develop and improve fault resolution techniques to reduce outage time

- Work with Vendors and Third-Party Service Providers

we’re hiring



- Two to three years’ experience in IP Networking and Systems Administration

- Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences or equivalent field

- CCNA certified or equivalent experience.


Functional Skills

- In-depth knowledge of IP infrastructure

- A self-motivated team player

- Willingness to learn/ share knowledge and build competence across various teams

- Positive attitude and dedication to improve customer’s experience

- Strong knowledge of TCP/IP Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

- Working knowledge of routing and switching

- Unix/Linux system administration skills

- Troubleshooting and analytical skills

- Ability to communicate effectively with both technical and none technical teams

Internal/External contacts

- All other sections of the Technical department

- All other sections of Group

- Customer Care

- Digicel corporate customers

- External contractors

- BS Sales


DIVISION: Technical


Primary Objective:


Assist in the Planning of new coverage areas as well as upholding the quality of service, coverage and capacity KPIs of the existing 2G and 4G radio network.



- Site Planning: Use specialized software, the Jr. Radio Frequency Engineer will need to assist in site planning after a coverage requirement has been made clear.

- Site Surveys: Go to potential sites with other members of the Technical department to determine if the site is suitable for all concerned and how the site will be build. Field instruments (binoculars, compass, Global Positioning Receiver, Camera) are used during these surveys to help determine suitability.

- Site Reports: Once a site is finalized, a document (RF Report) with details specific to the radio aspects of the site is prepared for inclusion in an overall Site Construction File. This file is then issued to the external contractors for the site to be build.

- Drive Testing: Of New Sites: Once a site comes on air, the RF Engineer has to test the site (this includes driving around the area where the site is providing  coverage), to ensure that all the radio parameters are correct as well as ensure that the physical installation of antennas is done according to specifications.

Of the Network: With sites on air, the network has to be drive tested to monitor the quality. Specialist software is used to collect relevant information during the drive tests, to analyze the results and to produce pertinent printouts (drive test plots). Also, a drive test report detailing the results of the drive test is also produced.

- Radio Network Performance Monitoring: The RF Engineer has to continuously monitor the sites within his geographical area of responsibility with information (network statistics such as congestion and dropped calls rate) that is gathered daily.

- Radio Network Tuning: After identification of eventual issues during network performance monitoring, the RF Engineer will need to propose Solutions (HW and SW) to correct these issues. Radio Network Tuning also includes the continuous optimization of the network to improve utilization and efficiency of the available Network recourses.

- Frequency Planning: Parts of the network or the entire network is subject to frequency preplanning throughout the year depending on identified issues or network changes and expansions. The RF Engineer will have to assist in the investigations and the planning.

we’re hiring


- BSc. Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Electronics or Applied Physics


Functional Skills

- Highly self-motivated and a quick learner

- Proficient in the use of basic PC applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel

- Willing to work long and odd hours at times

- Willing to travel

- Critical and relational thinking

- Analytical Skills

- Problem solving Skills

Internal/External contacts

- All other sections of the Technical department

- Operations & maintenance department

- Customer Care

- Marketing

- Digicel customers

- External contractors (Ericsson)

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to

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