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Billo Love Stories Promotion

Start Date: February 4, 2021

End Date: February 28, 2021


The Promotion involves you sending what you deem as your “best love story” through video or photo (“Love Story”) to the Billo Instagram page (@mybilloapp) for a chance to win a romantic getaway.

The romantic getaway prize is valued at two thousand United States dollars (US$2,000) and includes hotel accommodation for two at a premium local resort and spending money.

The Promotion is valid from February 4, 2021 through to February 28, 2021 (the “Promotional Period”).

Anyone over the age of eighteen (18) can participate in the Promotion.



The following persons may not participate in the Promotion:

a.    Postpaid corporate & business account customers;

b.    Any person who, at any time on or after August 1st, 2020, was or is a director, officer, employee, or agent of Digicel or any of its respective parents, subsidiaries, divisions, or affiliated companies, franchisees or service agencies, independent contractors or suppliers of services to Digicel;

c.     Families of our employees;

d.    Employees and families of employees of any company associated with this Promotion;

e.    Digicel Postpaid customers with overdue amounts;

f.      Persons under the age of eighteen (18); and

g.    Any person who does not reside in one of our Participating Markets

You may participate in the Promotion if you reside in participating Digicel markets including Suriname

Follow these steps to participate in the Promotion:

Step 1: Register for your new Billo account. You can download the Billo Storage App in the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.

Step 2: Upload your photo or video depicting your most memorable love story to your Billo account.

Step 3: In the Billo Storage App, share the public link to your photo or video depicting your most memorable love story to Be sure to include your name, contact number, email address and Instagram handle when submitting your entry.

Step 4: Your submitted photo or video will then be posted to the mybilloapp Instagram page. Instagram users will vote for your Love Story by liking it and commenting on it and at the end of the Promotional Period, the Love Story with the highest total number of likes and comments will win. If there is a tie between participants for the highest number of likes and comments, we will perform a tiebreaking coin toss. If there is a tie between more than two participants, Digicel shall perform another equal-chance tiebreaker at its discretion.

The winner will be announced on March 2, 2021 on our Instagram profile.

(1)  If your entry receives the most likes and comments, you will receive a phone call from one of our representatives notifying you that you have won and requesting information from you such as your location and identity.

(2)  A maximum of three (3) attempts will be made to call you within a period of three (3) working days.

(3)  If you do not answer any of our calls, the customer with the second highest number of likes and comments will be selected as the winner.

(4)  During the telephone call our Digicel representative will advise you where and how to redeem your prize.

(5)  Once you have spoken to our representative, you will have up to fourteen (14) days to redeem your prize electronically or in person, or your prize will be forfeited.

(6)  To collect your prize, you must still be following the @mybilloapp Instagram page at the time of collection and you must present valid government-issued proof of identification, which clearly indicates your age and that you are a legal resident of one of the Participating Markets.

(7)  You agree that if you win, you will permit photographs of you to be taken and for your image, likeness and name (your “Likeness”) to be used for public relations and marketing purposes free of cost, including the publishing of your Likeness on social media, mainstream media, and other platforms that we may choose.

(8)  If you are unable to attend the scheduled prize collection, you may send a representative on your behalf with appropriate identification for you as well as that representative, along with a signed letter by you authorizing the collection.