Voice and SMS Services

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Voice and SMS Services

Get all your Voice, SMS and Data plans in one place! Dial *675# to check out all our amazing offers to suit your needs.


Happy Hour Offer

Get 60 minutes talk time for Digi to Digi voice calls for only K4.00. Dial *675# to buy your Happy Hour pass.


Data Hour Pass

Get 250 megabytes of data to use for 1 hour for only K3.00. Dial *675# to buy your data hour pass.


Night Pass

Get 100 minutes talktime for use from 11pm to 6am only for Digi to Digi voice calls; for only K3.00. Dial *675# to buy the Night pass.


60 SMS Bundle

Get 60 SMS bundle for only K1.20. SMS bundle valid for use for 24 hours for Digi to Digi SMS only. Dial *675# to buy your SMS bundle. 


Weekend Pass

For only K3, get 50 minutes talktime and 50 SMS to use only over the weekend from Saturday to Sunday mid-night. Dial *675# to buy this pass. This pass is only for Digi to Digi calls and SMS. 

This pass can be purchased anytime during the week. However, it can only be used on the Weekends (Saturday to Sunday).

Call 43 Countries from as LOW AS 1 TOEA PER SECOND!

Now you can call your friends and loved one’s in 43 different countries for only K17!

Text the keyword ‘Call’ to 16546 to get 50 minutes to make calls to any one of the 43 countries right across the globe. Voice bundle is only K17 and is valid for 24 hours.

Get your 50 Minutes of talk time now and make calls to any one of the following 43 countries;

Australia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Pakistan, China, Laos, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, American Samoa, New Zealand, Mariana Islands, Iran, India, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Cyprus, South Korea, Guam, Thailand, Mauritius, Taiwan, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Ireland, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, South Africa, Netherlands, Switzerland, Kazakhstan.

To check bundle balance, dial *130#

1TOK Combo Bundles gives you 14 times more value!

With the 1TOK Combo bundles, you get Voice, SMS and Data all bundled into one.

1TOK Combo Bundles offer you Daily, Weekly and Monthly bundles, depending on your needs.

Dial *675# to check what's in your 1TOK Combo Bundle.

And to check your bundle balance, dial *130#


Now we give you more on your SMS bundle!


Get 60 SMS and 10MB FREE for ONLY K1.20.


Text 'GO' to 1629 today!

Get your fingers in motion with our SMS bundle!


Buy a SMS bundle for ONLY K1.20 and get 60 SMS to text for 24 hours.


Text 'SMS' to 1629 now!

Buzz Me service gives you the ability to make a missed call from your mobile phone when you are low on credits to a friend or ffamily member you want to call.

You get 10 BuzzMe's per day.

With this service, you don't need to remember or enter any short codes, just make a call and your missed call alert will last 2 seconds which after will end the call.



The Reverse Call service gives you the ability to request a call to any Digicel mobile numbers while transferring the cost of the call to the other party at a call at a flat rate of 49t for maximum of 1 minute (per session) – this is on the condition that Party B:

  • has a maximum balance of K0.49 and 
  • accepts the charges for the call

To use this service to make a call, just dial 99 followed by the number of the person you are trying to call.

E.g: if Party A wishes to initiate a Reverse call to Party B who’s mobile number is 7123 4567, the,  Party A will dial  997123 4567 then press the call button.


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