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Advance Credit

Low on mobile credits and need it urgently?

Our Advance Credit service allows you to request for mobile credits when you need it the most.There are two available ways to use this service; when you reach a credit balance of 50 toea or less, you will autamatically receive a SMS notification asking you if you would like to request a Credit advance.

Or you can text to 16164 to check if your are eligable to request a Credit advance.

Repayment of loan will be on your next mobile top up.


To check and apply for mobile credits, send 'Y' to 16164.



Credit Me

Credit Me service allows you to send a request for mobile phone credits from your friends and family in Papua New Guinea.

Prepaid customers are given seven (7) credit me requests per week. And the service is only available to prepaid customers. 

To use this service, just follow the simple steps below;

  • Dial *127*the receiver's number*the amount you want to get# and press send (e.g To ask for PGK20; Dial *127*7254321*20# and press send.)

  • The receiver will get a text message from your number asking them to send you Digicel credit.



Credit You

Credit You service allows you to transfer mobile credits from your prepaid mobile number to a friend or family member’s mobile number using your Digicel phone. This service is available only to prepaid mobile users.

To use this service;

  • Dial *128*receiver's mobile number*the amount you want to send# & press Send. 

    (e.g. To send PGK20: Dial *128*Mobile number*20# and press send.)

  • Wait for the confirmation message

  • Then select option 1 or 2 to confirm or to cancel. Both sending/receiving users will receive a confirmation message 


To check your account balance:

  • Dial *120# and then press Send

  • Check your phone screen for the current balance

  • 45 toea will be charged for every successful transaction completed.



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