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Your can now buy a MIFI for only K199 and get 1GB over 6 months.

Head on now to a Digicel Store near you to buy a Mifi at this amazing price or you can call 7222 2220.

For more information on the great offer, read how you can register and buy a Mifi plan or click on the 'More details' button below.

How do you Register and Buy a Mifi Plan?

1. How do I register My Mifi Device after purchase?

Call 123 and provide the details below to Digicel Customer Care;

  • Mifi number
  • Mifi IMEI
  • Alternate Mobile number
  • Your email ID


2. How can I activate 6GB FREE data for my Mifi?

  • Register your Mifi device wiht Digicel following the steps mentioned above.
  • Insert prepaid SIM (Free SIM provided by Digicel Store executive wiht the Mifi device) into your Mifi device.
  • Wait 24 hours, within 24 hours  your free 6GB data plan will be activated. 


3. Can I use 6GB Free data in one month?

  • No
  • You'll get 1GB for 30 days every month for a total of 6 months.
  • You can use 1GB free data every month
  • After 100% consumption of free data, you can buy a Mifi data plan.


4. How do I buy a Mifi Plan?

Option 1:     Buy from the My Digicel Web Portal

  • Step 1:    Switch on the Mifi device and connect your laptop/smartphone to the Mifi
  • Step 2:    Visit https:digicelid.digicelgroup.com and login with your Mifi number and password.
  • Step 3:    Go to "My Plans" and select "Mifi Plans"
  • Step 4:    Choose bundle of your choice and subscribe

Option 2:     Dialing *777# from your alternate mobile number

  • Step 1:    Dial *777# and press Send
  • Step 2:    Slect Option 6 > Gift a Plan
  • Step 3:    Select a Mifi Plan
  • Step 4:    Select Data duration, i.e. 1 month, 3 months
  • Step 5:    Enter the mobile number of your Mifi device to (ensure to include 675+mobile number, e.g 67571234567)

                         Note: You can only gift the Mifi plans to a number registered under a Mifi device.

  • Step 6:    Select a data plan under the data duration you selected earlier and press option beside the data plan to confirm purchase.


Check out your Mifi plans in the table below;

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