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Post-Courier News Subscriptions has been re-launched and is now available to Digicel’s PNG subscribers. Content will cover headlines from categories such as Post-Courier news, Sports, Business and regional news on Bougainville, Islands, Highlands, Southern and Momase.

Subscription to the service is simple. Subscribers can text the keyword(s) of desired category(s) to 206 to receive daily news content.

This service is available to all Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. The actual subscription messages are sent from 206 at 7PM daily. And any request sent to 206 will be charged 49t per day for the subscription alerts received. 


Short Code & Rate per Message:

Short Code  Description  Rate 
206 News alerts sent from 206 will be charged 49t per daily alert  49t (GST inclusive) 




1.      How does it work?

Subscribers can text the keyword to short code 206 for daily news headlines from the Post-Courier. Categories/keywords include: 

Keyword  Category Description 
BNG Bougainville News headlines
BIZ Business headlines
HIGH Highlands News headlines
ISL Island News headlines
SPORTS Sports headlines
POST Post Courier News headlines 
SOU Southern News headlines
MOM Momase News headlines

  • Once opted-in to the subscription service, the subscriber will receive the below Welcome Message for that category as follows. “Congratulations, you are now subscribed to daily {subscription_name} alert. You will receive an SMS for {subscription_name} alert of the day. 49t per day. To unsubscribe, please text UNSUB {subscription_keyword} to 206.”
  • For more categories, send HELP to 206. The following Reply Message will be received from +206. “To subscribe text the following to 206: for Highlands text HIGH; for Islands text ISL; for Bougainville text BGN; for Business text BIZ; for Sports text SPORTS.”
  • If an invalid keyword is sent to 206, the following Reply Message will be received from +1206. “To subscribe to our daily subscriptions, please text HELP to 206.”
  • To unsubscribe from a category, text EXIT {CATEGORY KEYWORD} to 206. There is no charge to exit. Sample reply message once unsubscribed will read: “You have been successfully unsubscribed from the {subscription_name} alerts. You will no longer receive {subscription_name} alerts daily. To rejoin, text {subscription_keyword} to 206.”
  • If you attempt to subscribe to a category more than once, following Reply Message will be received from +206. “You are already subscribed to {subscription_name}. Subscribe to more alerts, Text HELP to find more. To unsubscribe, txt UNSUB {subscription_keyword} to 206.”


2. What is the cost per SMS?

The cost of SMS for the daily alerts is 49t per daily alert.


3. When is the end date?

There is no end date for this subscription service. And the content for this news alerts subscription service will only be available daily at 7PM and the content will be for the following day.



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