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Reverse Call

1.      What is Reverse call service?

This new service will give Digicel customers, both prepaid & postpaid, the ability to request a call to any Digicel mobile numbers, transferring the cost of the call to the other party; where Party B will be charged for a call at a flat rate of 49t for maximum of 1 minute (per session) – this is on the condition that Party B:

·         has a maximum balance of K0.49 and 

·         accepts the charges for the call

-         Customer Experience is illustrated below:

2.      How do I use the service?

In order to initiate a call using the Reverse call service, Party A will use 99 in front of Party B’s MSISN. 

For example if Party A wishes to initiate a Reverse call to Party B who’s MSISDN is 7123 4567, the Party A will dial Party B’s MSISDN as 997123 4567.

3.      If I initiate a Reverse call, will I be charge?

No – you as Party A will not be charge – the charge of 49t will be on Party B.

4.      What if Party B does not have sufficient funds to pay for the call?

If Party B does not have sufficient funds, then the call will not connect and Party A will receive a voice prompt advising that Party B does not have sufficient funds for the call.

5.      Is this service open to everyone?

Yes. This service can be used by any Postpaid or Prepaid Digicel subscriber.

6.      Is this service available for Digicel customers to call other network or international mobile numbers?

No. Reverse call service is only available for Digicel-to-Digicel On Net calls. You will NOT be able to request a Reverse call for Off Net, Roaming or International calls.

7.      Can I be able to call from a prepaid number to postpaid number or vice versa?

Definitely, you can call from prepaid to prepaid, prepaid to postpaid, postpaid to prepaid and postpaid to postpaid.

8.      Why did my call dropped after 1 min when I tried using the Reverse call?

The Reverse call service only allows you to connect to a Party B caller for 1 min. You, as the caller (Party A), will not be charged for the call however the receiver (Party B) will be charged a flat rate of 49t per session, regardless of whether or not the full 1-minute is used.

9.      If I only talk for 20 seconds, does Party B still get charged K0.49?

Yes – the service fee for Reverse calls is a flat rate of K0.49 so even if the call is disconnected before 1 minute, Party B will still be charged K0.49.

10. How do you charge from using the Reverse call service?

For Prepaid accounts (where Party B is a prepaid account), all charging for the service will be from the main ABM account only – there is to be NO charging from the subscriber’s monetary or voice account (bundles).

For Postpaid accounts (where Party B is a postpaid account), all charging for the service will be from the subscriber’s credit limit – there is to be NO charging from any monetary or voice account (bundles) that the subscriber may have.

11. Is there a limit to using the Reverse call service in a day?

No. There is no limit to the number of reverse calls a customer can make in a day.

12. What if I don’t want to receive Reverse calls as a Party B?

You can add the caller to your list of blocked numbers.

13. What if Party B does not want to pay for the Reverse call?

If Party B does not wish to pay for the Reverse call, they can press 0 to reject the Reverse call request. Party A will receive the following prompt:

‘Sori tru, narapla kol pati ino laik lo peyim displa kol. Tenk yu lo usim Reverse Call sevis.’ 

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Reverse Call