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Digicel Treats

Data Hour Pass

1.      What is the offer?

Hour Pass offers you 200MB for just K2.

2.      How do I subscribe to the new Hour Pass?

You can either subscribe to the New Hour Pass with the following;

  • Dial *777# and select “2” for Hour Plans. Or;
  • Dial *675# and select “4” for Data Pass. 

3.      What is the validity of the Hour Pass?

The hour Pass is valid for 60minutes, however should you have any bundles remaining after 60mins you can be able to use it again if you subscribe again between 6am to 6pm of the day. For example, if you buy an Hour Pass at 8:30am and at 9:30am the bundle expires but you still have 120MB remaining. If you buy the Hour Pass again, you will receive 200MB that will add on to your existing 120MB which will add up to 320MB to use for another 60minutes.

However any bundles remaining after 6pm will be expired completely.

4.      What if I purchase the Hour Pass at 5:30pm, will I be able to still use the Hour Pass for an Hour or will it be removed at 6pm?

Yes, you will still be able to use it for an hour. So this means your Hour Pass will expire at 6:30pm, however there will no bundles remaining after that if you do not deplete the 200MB data bundle. For example if you had 80MB remaining at 6:30pm, this will be expired completely and will not be available for you to subscribe again so that it can rollover since the Hour Pass is only available from 6am to 6pm each day.

5.      Is this available for post-paid as well?

No, this is only available to prepaid subscribers


Happy Hour Pass

Q1. Why has Digicel changed the price to the Happy Hour plan?

The Happy Hour plan was discounted to K4 as part of the 1TOK Crazy October offers and since October has ended, the plan has now reverted back to the original price of K4. There are other offers like the 1TOK Combo plans, dial *675# and select 1TOK Combo to see what plans is on offer.

Q2.  Does Digicel have any cheaper voice plans that I can purchase?

Yes we do. There are the 1TOK Combo plans that range from daily, weekly and monthly plans that suit you. For instance, we have the Daily K1 offers that have 3mins, 6sms and 10mb combo plan.

Q3. If I buy the Happy hour Plan at 6:01:44am and forget to use it, can I reactive it?

Unfortunately, the plan cannot be reactivated; you will have to buy another K4 Happy hour plan if you wish to enjoy the service.

Q4. If I buy the Night pass at 4pm and the Happy Hour plan at 11:21:03pm; which pass will be charged 1st?

The Happy Hour plan will be charged first as the duration of the plan is for 60 minutes, from 11:21:03pm to 12:21:03am; then followed by the Night Pass after 12:21:03am if the call lasts over 60mins.

Q5. Is the new Happy Hour Plan being offered to postpaid customers?

No, the plan is only available to prepaid customers.

Q6. Can I use the Happy hour plan to call Bmobile - Vodafone?

No, the plan is only for Digicel to Digicel calls.

Q7. Can I use my Monitory bundle to buy the K4 Happy Hour Pass?

The Pass can only be purchased through your main account balance 


Night Pass

Q1. Can anyone subscribe to the K3 100min Night Pass Offer?

Yes, this offer is open to all prepaid subscribers.

Q2.  When can I start purchasing the K3 100min Night Pass Offer?

You can purchase the offer any time of the day 

Q3. How do I purchase the office?

Simply dial *675# and select 1 to purchase the 100min Night Pass bundle 

Q4. Can I buy 100min bundle more than ones?

Yes you can buy the 100min bundle as many times as you want.

Q5. Can I use my 100mins to call Bmobile?

The 100mins can only be used for Digi to Digi calls between 11pm to 6am.  

Q6. If I don’t finish my bundles by 6am can I still use it at 11pm on the same day??

The bundle will expire at 6am every morning same day. 

Q7. I have 100min Talk & Get bundle and I just purchased the K3 100min Night Pass Offer which bundle will be used 1st?

Your Talk & Get Bundle will be used 1st because the usage start time is at 9am.

Q8.How can I check for my 100min Night Pass Bundle balance?

Dial *130# to check your balance


Weekend Pass

Q1.  If I buy the weekend plan once on Monday, Wednesday and 3 times on Friday how much bundles will I have?

You will have a total of 250 Minutes and 250 SMS to use only between 00:00:01hrs Saturday to 23:59hrs Sunday; and to check your balance, dial *130#.


Q2. If I buy 2 weekend plan on Saturday 11:50:59PM will my minutes expire on Sunday midnight?

Yes, you can use your 100mins and 100sms from Saturday 11:51:00 to Sunday 23:59:59; and any unused bundles will be forfeited on Sunday midnight 23:59:59


Q3. If I buy 1 plan at 11:50PM Saturday night will my SMS and Minutes bundle expire at 12 midnight? 

Yes, your bundles will expire at 23:59:59 giving you 10mins to use your voice and SMS bundles.


Q4. What will happen if I buy the plan on 00:00:10 Monday?

You will still be charged K3 and will get your 50 minutes and 50 SMS, but you will only be allowed to use your plan starting Saturday 00:00:01 to Sunday 23:59:59. To check balance after your purchase of the plan, dial *130#.


Q5. Is the weekend pass plan being offered for postpaid customers?

Unfortunately no, the Weekend pass is only available to prepaid customers.


Q6. What other offers are available on Digicel Treats?

The following offers are available on our Digicel treats menu when you dial *675#;


·         Night Pass: Get 100mins Digi to Digi talk time between 11pm-6am for only K3.00. To buy this plan, simply dial *657# and select night pass. You can buy the plan any time of the day and as many times as you want.


·         Hour Pass: Get 60 minutes for Digi to Digi calls for only K4.00 and this offer can be purchased any time of the week or weekend. To buy this plan, simply dial *675# and select Hour Pass. The hour pass can only be used from the moment you opt-in to the 60th minute.


·         SMS Pass: The daily 60 SMS pass can now be purchased using the new Digicel Treats menu *675# for K1.20 instead of the Short code 1629. The 60 SMS pass can only be used for Digi to Digi SMS and it is valid for 24 hours.


·         Data Hour Pass: Get 200 MB for only K2.00 to use for 1 hour.

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