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Diaspora Top Up


1. What is Diaspora?


Diaspora in this region refers to the Pacific Islanders living abroad, such as in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. These communities maintain contact with friends and family back in the Pacific Islands and Digicel aims to keep these people connected through lower calling costs and Diaspora (International) Top Up.

2. What are Diaspora (International) Top ups?

Diaspora (International) Top Ups are marketed as Digicel Top Up in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Digicel Top ups can be purchased through participating retailers and online, and are sent by people living or travelling abroad to their families and friends back home in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, PNG and Nauru who have a Digicel mobile.

3.Why should I purchase and send Digicel Top Ups?

Digicel Top Ups are a great way to stay connected with your friends and family as we offer great rates for Digicel subscribers to call overseas. We are presently running fantastic offers such as Double and Triple Bubble in Tonga, Samoa, PNG, Vanuatu and Nauru and 10UP in Fiji, which delivers bonus credit to the recipient. There are also monthly promotions for senders such as cash prizes and mobile phone handsets, these changes every month so start sending Digicel Top Up now for your chance to win. Digicel Top Ups make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc, so show your friends and family you care by sending them Digicel Top Up today.

4. Where can I purchase Digicel Top Ups?

a) Digicel Top Up vouchers are available at over 15,000 retailers across Australia (such as 7 Eleven) and New Zealand (eg. Countdown supermarkets) and can be redeemed over the phone or online at www.digicelrecharge.com/retailers

b) Digicel Top Up can be purchased online using credit cards at www.digicelpacific.com

c) When sending money through KlickEx Pacific you can also send Digicel Top Up atwww.klickexpacific.com

5. In which currency will my recipient receive Digicel Top Up?

Your recipient will receive the Digicel Top Up in local currency after foreign exchange conversion from AUD or NZD. Digicel applies the exchange rates for the respective dollar and converts into local currency.

6. How often is the exchange rate updated?

The exchange rates for vouchers are updated at 12:00pm FJ time from Mondays to Fridays. Whatever rate was applied on Friday, it remains the same for the weekend.

7. Is there a fee for sending Digicel Top Ups?

There are NO fees for sending Digicel Top Up vouchers or sending Digicel Top Up online at www.digicelpacific.com using your credit card. There is a small $1 fee if you are sending Digicel top up via www.klickexpacific.com.

8. Can I know how much the recipient will receive before sending Digicel Top Up?

If you are using www.digicelpacific.com or www.klickexpacific.com, you can see the amount your recipient will receive. If you are using Digicel Top Up vouchers purchased at retail the recipient will see the amount received in the mobile only after the top up is successfully sent.

9. What is a Digicel Top Up voucher?

Digicel Top Up vouchers allow people in New Zealand and Australia to send prepaid airtime credit to any Digicel Prepaid phone in Tonga, Samoa, Nauru, Fiji, Vanuatu or PNG. Digicel Top Up vouchers are available at selected retailers in the USA for Samoa, Tonga and Fiji only.

10. What are the denominations of Digicel Top Up vouchers?

Vouchers are available in $10, $15, $20, $30 and $50 (AUD/NZD) denominations from retailers where you see the Digicel or Digicel Top Up logos.

11. Where can I purchase Digicel Top Up vouchers?

Digicel Top up Vouchers is available in more than 3,000 Dairies and Convenience Stores around NZ and in more than 10,000 locations across Australia. You can also search for the location in NZ at www.digicelrecharge.com/retailers

Serial Number

The serial number is printed at the top of your Digicel Top Up voucher. This is the identification number for the unique Recharge PIN number that is also printed on the voucher. The serial number is used to track each Top Up voucher and the status of the Recharge PIN number. Please include this number in any email communications you have with Digicel.

12. How do I redeem the Top Up voucher?

There are 4 different ways to redeem your voucher:

  1. You can use the internet, via www.digicelrecharge.com. This method also allows you to send a free text message to the person that you are topping up letting them know you have sent them the gift.

  2. From New Zealand you can dial a 0800 3444235 and from Australia you can dial 1800 067 162 and follow the prompts to redeem your voucher. These numbers are toll free. You can also dial 09 965 3723 from New Zealand using mobiles or payphones.

  3. You can also dial the same numbers and talk to our customer care team in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu PNG or Nauru and advise them of the mobile number you want to top up and your recharge PIN and our customer care team will redeem the voucher for you.

  4. IPhone users and smart phone uses with Android operating system can also download an app from Apple Store and Google Play to redeem the voucher.

  • Your mobile should have internet connection in order to use the app.

Using the internet to redeem the voucher?

Go to www.digicelrecharge.com .It is very simple and straight forward.

  1. Select the country where the Digicel mobile phone you want to Top Up is located.

  2. Enter the Digicel mobile number that you want to Top Up. Because you have already selected the country, we know the international code, you just have to enter the Digicel mobile number itself, which is a 7 or 8 digit number depending on the country.

  3. Enter the 12 digit Recharge PIN number from the voucher.

  4. With the web, have the benefit of sending a FREE text message to the Digicel mobile number that you are topping up. Just type up to 160 characters and let them know you are looking forward to hearing from them.

  5. Click the ‘SEND TOP UP’ and you are done.

  6. The results will be displayed. If the redemption is successful you will see how much the Digicel mobile will receive.

Using the phone to redeem the voucher?

  • Dial the toll free number from a fixed line or use a mobile or payphones and dial the number stated above from your respective country.

  • Make sure you have the complete phone number that you wish to Top Up as well as the Top Up voucher.

  • When you are asked to enter the Digicel mobile number – you need to enter all the numbers that you would usually dial if calling that number including the international country code. You will have the chance to confirm the number before the transaction is completed.


  • When you are asked to enter the Recharge PIN number, you enter the 12 digits that are highlighted on the Top Up voucher. You will also have the number replayed to you for confirmation.

13. What Digicel mobile number do I enter?


You need to know the full Digicel mobile number that you want to send the Top Up credit.

If you are redeeming the voucher via this website, simply select the Country where the Digicel phone is located. The international code will then be automatically selected and you only need to add the local Digicel number.

If you are redeeming the voucher via the phone service, you need to enter the full Digicel number just as if you were dialing that number from your own phone, including the international country code.

The international codes for each market are as follows:

  • Tonga: 00676 followed by local Digicel mobile number

  • Samoa: 00685 followed by local Digicel mobile number

  • Fiji: 00679 followed by local Digicel mobile number

  • Vanuatu: 00678 followed by local Digicel mobile number

  • PNG: 00675 followed by local Digicel mobile number

  • Nauru: 00674 followed by local Digicel mobile number

Please note you can use '00' or '+'

14. My Recharge Number (PIN) does not work?

The recharge PIN number is the 12 digit number printed on the Top Up voucher you have purchased from a retailer.

This number is unique and must be treated with care.

Reasons a recharge PIN number would 'not work' are limited:

  • Perhaps you are entering the number incorrectly, try to redeem the voucher again and be sure that you enter the correct 12 digit number.

  • The recharge PIN number can only be used once, maybe you have already redeemed that recharge number

  • The PIN will not work if an incomplete mobile number is entered.


  • In most cases the error will be displayed on the screen but you can always call our customer care or send an email to help_diaspora@digicelgroup.com

15. Lost Top Up voucher?


You should treat the Digicel Top Up voucher just like you treat cash. If you lose the Top Up voucher you will not be able to replace it.

16. What is the Expiry date?

The Digicel Top Up voucher must be used before the Expiry date stated on the voucher. Typically the voucher can be used for 12 months from the date of issue

After the Expiry date has passed the voucher is no longer valid and is non-refundable.

17. How do I speak with someone about my voucher or any other queries?

If you have further questions about the voucher, or the Top Up service, you can either call our customer care line or fill the contact form on www.digicelrecharge.com

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