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Data Subscription *777#

1. What is new about *777#?

We have reshuffled the *777# menu for better experience when you choose to buy a data plan of your choice. So if you dial *777# now, you will see the following change:

You will be given 7 options:

1) My offer

2) Data Plans

3) Social Plans

4) Night Plan

5) Combo Plan

6) Balance check and Top up

7) Opt-in/opt-out of auto renew


a) Option 1 contains as sub menu with 2 options;

  • Option 1 (7 days social pass & 400MB  K23) is available to everyone.
  • Option 2 (Special Offer) is only available to selected customers

Note: Customers intending to buy a special offer and are not eligible will receive a flash notification advising them that they are not eligible for the offer.


b) When you select option 2(Data Plan Menu) from main menu, you will be given duration of the data plans you wish to purchase:

1) 1 hour

2) 1 day

3) 3 days

4) 7 days

5) 30 days

6) 6GB

7) 13GB


After selecting the duration of the plan, the customer has the option of selecting which data plan they desire as stated below in the example of a 1 day duration data plan.

1) 60MB 1 day K3

2) 150MB 1 days K6

3) 375MB 1 days K12

4) 1.2Gb 1 days K25

5) 2.5GB 1 day K40

6) 6GB 1 day K85


c) When you select option 3 (Social plan menu) from the main menu, you will be given to 3 options:

1) 1 day social plan K3

2)  7 days social plan K20

3)  30 days social plan K70


Note: The social plans gives the customer unlimited access ONLY to FB, Twitter and Instagram for the duration they choose to buy.


d) When you select option 4 (Night Plan) from main menu, you will be able to buy the night plan which is valid from 12am to 6am only as stated below.

e) When you select option 5 (Combo plan menu) from the main menu, you will be given the option  to purchase the combo plan that are on *675# menu options:

f) When you select option 6 (Balance check and Top up menu) from main menu, you will be able to check your main balance and you data balance while in the *777# menu;

g) When you select option 7(Opt-in/Opt-out of auto renew), you can see the data plans you are on and choose to either opt-in or opt-out;

  • Non-auto renew data plan: Your 1 day 60MB plan expires at 13:35 on 27/07/16. To opt-in to auto-renew on this plan select 1
  • Auto-renew data plan: Your 1-day 60MB plan expires at 13:35 on 27/07/16. To opt-out of auto-renew on this plan select 1


2. I wanted to buy 1 day data plan. After dialing *777#, I can see that the plans have changed. So can you help me to understand which plan I want to buy/how to buy a data plan?

When you dial *777#, you will see 7 options. Since you want to buy data plan, select option 1 and press send. In the next menu, you will see the duration of the data plans. When you select each of the duration, you will see they all have the different data plans we have available on each of the duration, depending on your usage, you can choose a data plan to buy.


3. Will the new data plans have auto-renew + roll over features?

With this new menu setup, you will now have the option to choose to either activate auto-renew feature or not.

For the roll over feature, if you do purchase a data plan and decide to buy the same data plan within the validity period, the unused data bundle will add-on to the new data plan.


4. If I purchase a data plan via *777#, but want to stop auto-renew feature, what should I do?

Using the same code *777#, you can stop auto-renew. Simply select option 7 in the main menu [Opt-in/opt out of auto-renew] and select the desired data plan you want to cancel auto renew and press send to cancel auto-renew.


5. Can I buy different data planes at the same time?

Yes, you can buy as many data plans as you like, as long as you have sufficient credits.


6. Is this *777# menu available for postpaid customers?

No, this menu is only available for all prepaid subscribers.


7. I can not see the add on plans anymore on the menu. How will I buy an add on plan?

The add on plans have been remove from the main menu and replaced by the night pass (option 4) and the hour plan (option 1 in the data plan menu)which has the 200MB hour pass K2 and 1GB hour pass K10.

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