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1. What is *777#?

It is a new, easy and convenient way to buy and manage all data & social data plans via aneasy-to- use, interactive USSD menu. You can also check your main balance and data or social plans balance as well. (refer to table 1 & table 2 in Appendix page).

This menu now has two languages to choose from, i.e. English and Tok Pidgin.

2. What is auto-renew?

Auto-renew is a convenient way of having all your data and social plans renew at the end of their validity without having to remember to purchase a new plan or go through the entire purchase and activation process.

Auto-renew also guarantee that you get the best value on data because you stay on data or social plans pricing vs. pay as you go rates.

More importantly, when your plan reaches the end of its validity, auto-renew ensures that any unused data rolls over into your new plan. You always keep your data, and save your money.

3. What do I have to do to take advantage of auto-renew?

Auto-renew happen automatically, as long as you have enough credit on your account to purchase the new plan.

4. What if I don’t have enough credit on my account to auto-renew a data or social plan?

You will get a notification prior to your plan auto-renewing. Make sure you have enough credit so that the plan can auto-renew.

5. I don’t want auto-renew. How do I stop this?

Stopping auto-renew is very easy. Simply dial *777#, and select the data or social plan to confirm.

6. What is roll over?

When your data or social plan auto-renews, any unused data “rolls over” (is added) to your new data or social plan. You always keep your data & save money.

As long you are on the same plan type and with the same validity period, your data will roll over.

However, if you purchase a different data or social plan  with a different validity, the roll over will stop.


  • You purchase a 1 Day Social Plan today and you’re given 60MB data, 24hrs validity and free access to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • After 6 hours, you see that you have only 33MB remaining so you decided to buy the 1 Day Social Pass again to get more data;
  • The remaining 33MB is added on to your new data of 60MB. Now you have 93MB in total and the validity has been extended to new 24hr period.

7. Do all data and social plans roll over?

Due to a technical limitation, we are not able to roll over data from one plan type to another. For example, data does not roll over from a social plan to a data plan, or vice versa. If you purchase the same plan however, any unused data rolls over (is added) on to the new plan.

8. What’s the difference between a Data Plan, a Social Plan & a Big Data Plan?

All data, social & big data plans give you access to mobile internet.

Data plans give Megabytes to browse internet whereas for Social Plans you are given Megabytes and free access to social networking sites, i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Big Data plans give you more data and longer validity to browse and access internet, online chat, etc.

9. Can I buy different data and social plans at the same time?

Yes, you can buy as many data and social plans as you like as long as you have sufficient credit for the auto renew to process. Remember, as long as your data or social plan auto renews, you keep your data and save money.

If you purchase more than one data plan, the previous plan auto renew will stop but you will still have the data or social plans active and ready to use until the plan reaches its validity or you use up the MBs, whichever comes first.

10. How does validity work?

Validity is the expiry date of a data or social plan. If you purchase a 1 Day Data Plan, you are given 24 hours to use up the data MBs you purchased. If you have sufficient credit, your data or social plan will auto-renew so you keep your data and save your money.

11. What if I change the data plan?

If you change your data or social plan, you have more data MBs to use. The validity for your previous data or social plan will not change.

12. I am being asked to buy data plans using the *777# code, am I still able to buy data plans using SMS 1634?

Yes, you will still be able to purchase all data plans using SMS code 1634. However, auto-renew and roll over still applies.

13. I am using a modem and I bought a data plan using SMS 1634. It says the data plan will auto-renew. How do I stop auto renew?

You can stop auto-renew via SMS. Similar to purchasing data plan, text Stop <keyword> to 1634. For example you purchased a 30 Day Social Plan and want to stop auto-renew, type Stop30D and send to 1634 (refer to table 3 in Appendix page)

14. Are Post-paid customers allowed to use this service?

Currently the *777#service is available to all prepaid customers only.

15. I received an SMS earlier telling me that my data plan will auto-renew, and now I see that I have credit missing. Why is that?

This is due to the auto renew feature. If you have purchased a data or social plan, you will receive a notification via SMS advising you hours before the end of the validity period for the auto renewal process to take place. (refer to table 4 in Appendix page)

16. I purchased a 1 Day Data Plan today and a 3 Day Social Plan on the same day. I received 2 SMS confirmations the first message confirmed my data plan purchase. I don’t understand what the second message is for. Please explain.

Certainly, this is all part of the auto-renew feature. If you have one data or social plan active and buy another plan within the validity period of the first data or social plan period, the first data or social plan auto-renew will stop. You will still have the data or social plans active until they expire.


  • You purchase a 3 Day Social Plan and receive 190MB with 3 days validity and free access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Loop PNG.
  • You see that you have 50MB remaining and you need more additional data to access mobile internet. You decide to purchase 1 Day Plan, which has 60MB and 24hrs validity.
  • You receive the 1st SMS notifying you that the 1 Day Plan purchase is confirmed and you are charged K3;
  • You receive a 2nd SMS advising you that the 3 Day Social Plan auto-renew has stopped. You will still have 3 days to use up the remaining 50MB.
  • Your 1 Day Plan auto-renew is now active, so every 24hrs, your1 Day data plan will automatically renew

17. What is the pay as you go rate if my data plan expires because I don’t have enough credits to auto-renew, or if I decide stop auto-renew?

The pay as you go rate is 49t/MB. This charge will only apply when;

  • Your data/social plan expires due to insufficient credits to auto-renew;
  • You stop auto-renew; or
  • You are not subscribed to any plans and using credits to browse online.

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