Xmas Spend & Win

Spend & Win Christmas Promotion


1. What is "Spend & Win" Christmas promotion?

It is a promotion that allows customers to spend as low as K4 and/or buy selected “Christmas Smartphone Promo” handsets to be put in a draw for daily cash prizes, daily product giveaways AND a grand cash prize of K50, 000.


2.      What are the prizes in this promotion?

For the prizes, we have:

  • Daily cash prize of K1, 000 every day
  • Product giveaway: (Free 1 Day unlimited voice & SMS, Free 1 Day 1GB data + 15GB PlayGo access, Free 1 Day subscription for PlayGo & Free 1 Day access to 20 channels)
  • Grand cash prize of K50, 000 which will be drawn at the end of the year


3.      What do I do to participate in this promotion?

It’s this simple:

Spend from as low as K4 on Digicel products such as data plans, 1TOK combo plans, TV plans or buy “Christmas Smartphone Promo” handsets during the promotion period and get a chance to go into draw to win prizes,  ou get an entry (see below for further info on how to get these entries). For post-paid customers, pay up full bill for the month of October and/or November and be eligible for this promotion.

  • Prepaid users:

You get an entry for every spent of K4 or more, whether it be buying of data plans, 1TOK combo plans or PAYGO usage.

(NB: This does not include SMS games, BIMA, or any other VAS related services such as Intunes, Credit on Load, Nius Nau, etc.)


Score will be rounded down to multiples of 4.

Example A: if customer A spent K12 data plan, will get 3 entries. (K12/4=3 entries)

Example B: if customer B spent K10 from main account to make calls, send SMS or browse, he/she gets 2 entries (K10/4=2.5 or 2 entries)


  • DigicelTV customers:

All Digicel customers who buy any TV plan via *515# will be eligible for this promotion.


Score will be rounded down to multiples of 4.

Example: If you buy 7 day plan valued at K40, you will get 10 entries (K40/4=10 entries)


  • Post-paid customers:

If you are a post-paid customer, we only allow individual post-paid customers for this promotion. So if you successfully pay off your monthly bill for the month of October and/or November 2018, you will be eligible for this promotion.

(NB: Corporate post-paid customers do not qualify for this promotion).

Full bill paid for the month (October or November) will be divided by 4 and divided by 30 for entries eligibility.

Example: Post-paid customer paid monthly bill of K400 for the month of October. So calculation will be as follows:  K400/4=100; 100/30=3 entries


  • 3G/4G smartphone purchase

If you buy a Wowi 3G, Wowi 4G or DTOK 4G smartphone will automatically get 5 entries in the lucky draw


4.      How do I check my entries balance?

Dial *222#. Message will tell you how many daily entries you have collected so far.


5.      Do the entries accumulate into the next day?

No, entries don’t accumulate into the next day. Every entries you have collected the previous day be removed. Your daily entries will only accumulate for the day till after midnight, then the entries restart to zero.

Example: If you spend K20 to buy 7 day 600MB data plan for K18 on the 19th Nov. You get 4 entries for the 19th Nov. If you don’t spend on the 20th Nov, you will see 0 entries.


6.      How do I qualify for the grand cash prize?

All you have to do is spend from as low as K4 on any Digicel’s data plans, 1TOK combo plans, TV plans or buy any Wowi 3G, Wowi 4G or DTOK 4G smartphone and get as many entries.

All daily entries will be added by the end of December for the grand prize. So the more entries you collect, the more chance you have of winning the grand prize through a lucky draw.


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