Xmas Smartphone Promotion

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Xmas Smartphone Promotion

1.      Do we have a Christmas promotion during this festive season? 

Yes, we do. We have the “Xmas Smartphone Promotion” where you can buy any of these promo smartphones and get free data: 

-          DTOK LTE smartphone only at K129 with 3GB (1GB every month for 3 months)

-          Alcatel U3 3G smartphone only at K99 with 1.5GB (500MB every month for 3 months)


2.      When I buy any of these smartphones, how do I get the free data? 

All you have to do is insert your SIM card (existing number or new number) to the DTOK LTE Smartphone and switch on. You should receive an SMS notification telling you that you have free data activated in your account: 

DTOK - You’ve received FREE 1GB, valid for 30 Days. Your free offer will be auto-renewed each month, for 3 months. Go to My Digicel App to check balance or dial *130#.

Alcatel U3 - You’ve received FREE 500MB, valid for 30 Days. Your free offer will auto-renewed each month, for 3 months. Go to My Digicel App to check balance or dial *130#.


3.      So how long do I have to wait to get the rest of the free data?  

Free 1GB data plan is valid for 30 days. So that means you will have to wait till after 30 days to get the next free data. However, in order to activate this plan, you must login to My Digicel App. 


4.      Will I still get free data if I buy other smartphones and not the DTOK LTE smartphone? 

For the other smartphones, you will get free 250MB (250MB on first month & 1GB for the next 5 months)


5.      Can you tell me the specifics for the DTOK LTE smartphone? 

DTOK is a 4G LTE smartphone with; o Display – 5” colour display 

ü  Memory – Internal memory 8GB + 1GB RAM (supports Micro SD card up to 32GB)

ü  Battery – 2000 mAh

ü  Connectivity – 4G, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, WiFi

ü  Camera – 8MP rear camera (LED flash) & 0.3MP front camera

ü  Features – Android™ 7.0 Nougat


6.      Can you tell me the specifics for the Alcatel U3 3G smartphone?

ü  Design:

§  121.3x64.4x9.7mm

§  Exchangeable covers (Volcano Black & Sharp Blue)

ü  Display – 16.7m colour display

ü  Battery – 1500mAh (10hrs talk-time, 4hrs charging time)

ü  Memory – Internal memory 4GB ROM + 512MB RAM (supports Micro SD card)

ü  Connectivity – GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+, Bluetooth, micro-SIM

ü  Camera – 2MP rear camera (LED flash) & 1.3MP front camera (selfie LED flash incl.)

ü  Features – Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow


7.      Where can I go to buy this smartphone?

You can visit any of our Digicel Dealer shops in POM, Lae, Mt Hagen & Kokopo. 


8.      If I buy a 4G smartphone and want to use LTE internet, what are the steps to take? 

-          First of all, check to make sure your smartphone is a LTE smartphone. The steps to confirm this is as follows: 

Go to Settings> click Mobile Networks> click Network Mode> check 4G/3G/2G (auto connect)

If the above option is available, this means your smartphone is LTE compatible.


-          So next step is to upgrade your SIM card from 3G to LTE. You can visit any of our Digicel Dealer shops in POM, Lae, Hagen & Kokopo and ask for assistance. 


9.      What does 4G & 4G LTE mean? 

-          4G is the fourth generation of mobile network technology. It made to replace 3G and it offers a connection that is more reliable and delivers much higher speeds.


-          4G LTE means “fourth-generation long term evolution,” with LTE being a type of 4G that delivers the fastest connection for a mobile internet experience – up to 10 times faster than 3G.


10. What happens if I buy two (2) DTOK LTE or Alcatel U3 Smartphones and inserted one (1) SIM card into both at different times on the same month? Which handset will receive the offer? 

If 2 handsets are bought, then only the first handset will get the offer, unless you insert another SIM card into the 2nd smartphone, then you will receive the free data. 


11. If I inserted my own sim card and not the promotion issued one, will the promotion one still work when I insert it into the phone?  

Yes the promotion will still work.


12. Will there be any roll over of the data?

No, there will not be any roll over of the data plan. With the data plan valid for 30 days, once it reaches 30 days, leftover data bundles will be removed and replaced with 1GB. 


13. If a promo SIM was removed from the promo smartphone and inserted into another smartphone, can I still have access to the free monthly data plan on My Digicel App? 

Yes you can still have access to the monthly data plan. 


14. What happens if after receiving my first free data and I do a SIM replacement, will I still get the free data plan? 

Yes, you should still receive your free data for the 2nd & 3rd month.

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Xmas Smartphone Promotion