Xmas 4G LTE Smartphone Offer

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Xmas 4G LTE Smartphone Offer

1.      Will there be a handset promotion this Christmas?

Yes, Digicel will have a Christmas Handset Promotion, where you can buy one of our promotional phones to get a “3 Days Unlimited Offer”!

2.      What is included in the “3 Days Unlimited Offer”?

The “3 Days Unlimited Offer” is a 20GB data bundle offer that customers will receive when they activate the new phone which they had purchased during the promo.

3.      How will the promotion start and when will it end?

The promotion will start on 15th November 2019 (00:00:00hrs) and ends on 31st December 2019 (23:59:59hrs). 

4.      Who is eligible to participate in this promo?

Promo is open to only Digicel Prepaid subscribers. 

5.      So what phones will be offered during this promotion?

The following phones listed below will be offered for this promo.

6.      How long will the free data bundle last for?

The 20GB Free data bundle is valid for only 3 days from the day of activation.

7.      How do I activate the free data after buying one of the promotional phones?

This can be initiated by the customer upon purchasing a new smartphone. Simply insert a Digicel SIM and switch on the phone. An SMS alert will advise once the plan is activated. Dial *130# to check your data balance.

8.      Does it matter if I insert a new SIM or a used SIM into the new phone to activate the free data?

No it does not matter. The 20GB data offer will be activated only on the First SIM.

9.      After activating a new phone, how long will it take before the promo data bundle to be received?

It will take approximately 30 minutes after time of detection on the network to receive the free data bundle.

10.      Will I get another 20GB free data if I remove the first SIM that activated the plan and then re-insert another SIM into the phone?

No, the 20GB data offer will only be applied to the first SIM you use. If you try another SIM in the phone, no other free data will be awarded.

11.      What about if I activate the 20GB free data on my first SIM but then insert the same SIM into another new phone I had just purchased? Will I get 40GB?

No, if you bought 2 new phones and activated the 20GB data offer in the first phone, that same SIM will not receive an additional 20GB free data if you use it in the 2nd phone.

12.      What SMS notification will be received once my free data bundle has been activated?

Once the plan is activated, the following sample message will be will be received.

Thank you for choosing Digicel. You received 3Days Unlimited Offer of 20GB data, valid until dd/mm/yy. Dial *130# to check your free bundle.

13.      How will I know if my free data bundle is being used up or not?

The following Low Balance notifications will be sent to the customer as the data is depleted.

14.      What if the phone(s) purchased during the promotion is faulty/damaged?

There is a 12-months warranty for Samsung and 6-months warranty for Alcatel.

·         If the defective product is due to a factory fault and was purchased within 7 days of the promotion, the faulty phone(s) will be replaced straightaway.

·         But if after 7 days, the phone(s) has to be given to the retail stores and will be repaired free of charge.

·         But if due to customer misuse and negligence even under warranty, the customer has to pay for the repair.

·         If beyond warranty period, then the retail stores will still accept it for repair but the customer has to pay for the repair charges.

·         Invoice is required as proof of purchase.

15.      Which Digicel outlets will be selling the promotional phones?

Promo phones are available at the following Retail outlets where stock is on hand.

16.      What if the new phone that I purchased does not come with the 20GB free data?

Please note the following:

·         Only the four 4G phone models identified in Point #5 will be provisioned to receive free data during for this promo.

·         The IMEI number of all the promo phones models in stock are whitelisted to receive the free data – IMEI is a unique number given to every mobile phone, typically found behind the battery.

·         No exceptions will be made to provide the free data plan to customers whose phone models and/or IMEI was not whitelisted for this promotion.

·         Any phone that was purchased prior to this promo will not be rewarded the free data.

17.      If a retail shop runs out of stock (promotion handsets), will there be new stock provided?

No. Only the IMEIs of the current phones that are in stock will be whitelisted. IMEIs that were not submitted by the Retail Team will not be whitelisted for this promo.

All IMEIs currently in stores and, in warehouse for;

·         Alcatel Idol 4

·         Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

·         Samsung Galaxy A10S

·         Samsung Galaxy A80

18.      How can I find out if my new phone is part of this promotion?

Customer Care can manually confirm if the phone’s IMEI is whitelisted for this promotion. If you phone is part of this promotion, you will receive an SMS notification confirming receipt of the free data offer once the phone to the network.

19.      Since the Christmas Recharge is open to both post-paid and prepaid customers, they might think this as well, question is what happens if I accidentally put my post-paid sim into the promo phone, and do I get the 20GB, what happens?

No you shouldn’t because staff MSISDNs are blacklisted from the promotion.

20.      What’s the CLI for SMS notifications?

The Caller Line Identity (CLI) will be identified as Xmas Promo”.


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Xmas 4G LTE Smartphone Offer