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Unlimited Youtube

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Unlimited Youtube

1.     Is it true that Digicel has unlimited YouTube plan?

Yes, we do. For just K2, you get 2 hours of unlimited access to Youtube only.

2.     So where do I go to buy this plan?

You can dial either *675# or *777# to buy this plan. You can also find this plan in My Digicel App under Hour Plans menu. See steps below on how to buy your Unlimited Youtube plan;


3.    Can the 2 hours Unlimited YouTube Plan be gifted?

Unfortunately, you can only buy. You won’t be able gift the Unlimited YouTube plan.

4.    What happens if I buy the plan and within 1 hour, I buy the same plan again?

The 2hr Unlimited YouTube plan allows multiple purchase, however validity will only restart. It doesn’t extend validity.

Example: If you purchased at 1:30pm and buy again at 2:30pm, validity will restart from 2:30pm. So bundle will expire at 4:30pm.

5.    So If say I only have 2Hr Unlimited YouTube plan, will I be able to use to visit other websites?

Unfortunately, that won’t be allowed. You can only use the plan to browse YouTube. For other website browsing, you will have to buy data plans available on *675# or My Digicel App.

6.    I have existing data plan and I decide to browse YouTube. What happens here?

As long as you have the 2hr Unlimited YouTube plan active, your existing data plan will be put on hold so your YouTube browsing will be charged from the 2hr Unlimited YouTube plan until it expires, then it will cross over to your data plan and/or main credits (if no data plan).

7.    Is this plan available for all subscribers?

This plan is only available for prepaid subscribers. Post-paid subscribers not included.

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Unlimited Youtube