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Rollover Data

1.     What is rollover data plan?

Rollover plans are the new standard data plans where you will be given 24-hour grace period after expiry in order to retain your unused data bundle through purchase. These have replaced the old data plans.

2.     How does this rollover bundle work?

Rollover will only work when you buy a data plan with the same validity. It won’t work if you buy 3 day plan and later 7 day plan.

For example:

John buys 3 Day 500MB plan 3 days ago at 2:00pm. He only used 400MB of the bundle and plan expires. In order for him to retain the unused 100MB, he must buy any 3-day data plan within 24hrs from the time of expiry.

3.     Where do I go buy the rollover data plan?

You can buy these plans in USSD codes, *675#, *777# and My Digicel App.

4.     What about the plan I bought before the launch? Will it be included in the new rollover plan?

Unfortunately, it won’t. Any data plans purchased before launch date (Monday, 12th August) will expire without the 24hour grace period included.

5.     When the remaining data bundle expires, how will I be able to retain it back?

As explained in Q2, you can only take back the unused data bundle when you buy a data plan with the same validity as the previous plan you purchased within 24-hour period.

After the 24hour grace period is over, the unused data plans will be removed.

6.     Are the 1TOK combo plans included in rollover plan?

1TOK combo plans are not included in this data roll over.

7.     Does this also apply to post-paid plans?

No, this only applies to pre-paid plans.

8.     Will the rollover plan work if I buy 2 different data plans with different validity?

No. This will only work if you buy data plan with the same validity.

[Refer to example in Q2.]

9.     Are the hour plans and night plans also included in the rollover plan?

Yes, when you buy hour plan or night plan, you can get back the unused data when you buy the data plan with the same validity.

10.     I noticed I bought a 3 Day 500MB plan and 3 Day 1.2GB plan, it’s giving me accumulated data plan instead of 2 separate plans. How is this possible?

With the rollover plan, when you buy more than one (1) data plan before the expiry, the data bundles are added together as 1 plan. Thus, you are able to see it as 3 Day plan instead of 3 day 500MB with xxx remaining data and 3 days 1.2GB with xxx remaining data.

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