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Out of Bundle is a term used when you are charged from your main credits and not from a data or 1TOK plan, especially with data browsing sessions. At present, out of bundle rate for data session per MB is 30t.

This is a new service that we have recently introduced. Where for every browsing session, once you have used up all your data bundles, your data browsing will temporarily stop so that you won’t be charged from your main credits.

You can either buy any data/1TOK combo plan or call Customer Care on 123 to cancel deactivation so you can continue your data browsing session.

Note: out of bundle rate for data session per MB is 30t.

Step 1: Dial *777# and send

Step 2: Select option 3” Block Out of bundle Data charges”;

Step 3: Select option 1 to confirm activation

You should receive an SMS notification confirming enabling of Out of Bundle Block.

Note: This process is non-chargeable. It is only to enable the Out of Bundle Block.

Out of bundle phone screenshots steps

If you enable OOB Block, it will only come into effect once data is used up, if it is more than one (1) data/1TOK plans and after data is used up on the last plan, then OOB block will come into effect.

Once you have this service enabled, for every online browsing session you do, as soon as you have completely depleted all your data bundles, you will be prompted with an SMS advising you that your browsing session has been stopped. So in this way, you won’t be charged from your main account credits.

To this disable this service, you call Call Centre on 123, asking to cancel this service. You should receive an SMS notification advising you that Out of Bundle Block has been canceled.

This service is only available for prepaid customers.

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