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Yes. You will get free 400MB data plan if you register to My Digicel App using your smartphone. All you

have to do is download My Digicel App, create your account to register your mobile number and you can

redeem your free data in the app.

Message: Hey Wantok! Did you know that you were awarded a 400MB plan because you registered with

My Digicel App? Click, go to Free Offers to collect.

Once you have successfully installed My Digicel App and registered with your mobile number:

1. Enter your mobile number and enter the 4-digit code to login;

2. Click on Plans menu on the bottom left corner and scroll to Available Plans menu;

3. Click “Free My Digicel Offers” and you will see a drop down with our free promotional plans;

4. You will see “Free 400MB Plan”. Click “Activate Plan” to collect this free data plan.

5. Once you have activated the plan, you will receive an SMS notification with confirmation of activation.

The Free 400MB plan is valid for 24hrs.

You can only collect this free plan once.

No, this promotion is only allowed for prepaid customers.

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