Happy Hour Voice Plans

Happy Hour Voice Plans

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Happy Hour Plan

1. Has the price for Happy Hour voice pass changed?

Yes, it has. You can now buy Happy Hour Pass at only K2.40.

2. Why the price change?

For the convenience of our customers, we only increased the price by 40t. Similar case, if you were to make a call using credits (OOB – out of bundle), you’d be charged at 80t/mins. For example, if it were a 3min call, you’d be charged K2.40 (K0.80X3=K2.40) which is the same price as buying Happy Hour Pass. In other words, you still save when you buy the Happy Hour Plan.

3. How do I purchase the Happy Hour Pass?

You can get the pass through USSD:

  • Dial *675# and press Send
  • Select Option 2 (Happy Hour)
  • Then select (Option 1) to confirm Purchase.

4. Can the Happy Hour bundle be gifted?

Yes, you can gift Happy Hour plan from your mobile number to another Digicel mobile number.

5. What is the minimum top up amount for you to be eligible to get the Happy Hour Plan?

As long as you have K2.40 or more, you should still be able to buy the plan.

6. Using the Happy Hour mins, will I be able to call to other network or make overseas calls?

Unfortunately, that won’t be allowed. Voice mins only allowed for Digicel calls only.

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Happy Hour Voice Plans