Digicel Business Roaming Plans FAQ

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1. What is Digicel Roaming plan?

Digicel Roaming Plan service allows Digicel Prepaid and Postpaid customers travelling to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu & Nauru to benefit from reduced calling, SMS and Data rates.

2. Who is the Digicel Roaming plan for?

The Digicel Roaming plans are for both Prepaid and Postpaid GSM customers


3. How do the Digicel Roaming plans work?

Digicel Roaming is a roaming service that allows Prepaid and Postpaid customers to opt in to a specialised rate plan for a fee while roaming for a specified duration. The subscription fee allows customers to access low usage rates for voice, texts and data. These reduced rates will be applicable for the full duration of the plan. Once the plan has expired, rates will revert to standard roaming rates.


4. What is the cost to register & use the service?

There is no cost to register. However Postpaid customers will be asked to pay a deposit.

Prepaid customers automatically have Roaming enabled. Any plans purchased or Roaming services used will be taken from any credit balance

Postpaid customers have to register via their account manager or by calling Customer Care on 126 BEFORE leaving PNG.

Charges (GST Inc.):

  • Prepaid and Postpaid – PGK 15 / Day for the subscription period (1 Days)
  • Postpaid –PGK 80 for the subscription period (14 Days)
  • Postpaid – PGK149 and PGK 299 for the monthly subscription 







24 Hours



100 Minutes

100 SMS

100 Mb Data


14 Days



1Gb Data


1 month

(2 year contract)



1Gb Data

200 Minutes

100 SMS


1 Month

(2 year contract)



3Gb Data

500 Minutes



5. What calls / SMS can I make / receive using the plans above?


  • All incoming calls are taken from the minutes allowance
  • All Calls Back to PNG - +675 XXXXXXXX
  • All Calls in the Country you are visiting EXCEPT calls to another country. i.e. In Australia calling Australia included, In Australia Calling Singapore – Not included


  • ALL SMS Sent are eligible EXCEPT premium rate SMS (Competition lines etcJ
  • ALL SMS received are at no charge


6. How do I activate a Digicel Roaming plan?

Prepaid Customers:

To initiate activation of “A Digicel Roaming Plan", Prepaid customers are required to text “Roam100” to 16445 and follow the instructions.

  • The plan will then need to be confirmed
  • Once confirmed, activation of the plan is then completed and indicated by a notification message.
  • Activated customers will be able to benefit from the reduced prices while roaming

Postpaid Customers:

  • Postpaid customers are required to pay a roaming deposit 

To initiate activation of Roaming Plan, Postpaid customers are required to consult with their account manager or call Customer Care on 126 or email CustomerCare.PNG@digicelgroup.com


7.      How do I renew my Digicel Roaming Plan?

Digicel Roaming Plans will be automatically renewed after the activation period; however, customers can deactivate the auto renew option. The plans can be also manually reactivated after expiry i.e. 1 day (Prepaid) or 14 Days (Postpaid) after purchase. The Postpaid Monthly Roaming plans will be automatically renewed every month.

  • Postpaid customers can purchase more plans or check balance or deactivate Autorenew on *675# whilst Roaming. *675# is Free to use even whilst Roaming.
  • All customers can activate / cancel autorenew via the My Digicel App on a smartphone


8. Will I receive a notification when their Digicel Roaming Plan expires?

Yes, you will receive one (1) SMS when the plan has 1 hour remaining and another when it has expired – it is FREE to receive SMS. Once your plan has expired regular roaming rates will be applied.


9. How do I cancel my Digicel Roaming Plan?

The plan cannot be cancelled after activation. During the activation process, you can cancel the activation You have to CONFIRM the purchase – you will then be notified when the plan is ready.
Once activated the plan will only expire at the end of the subscription period i.e. 1 day (Prepaid & Postpaid (PGK15 plan) or 14 Days (Postpaid PGK80 plan) after purchase. The Postpaid Monthly Roaming plans can be canceled after contract is expired, but not during the contract.


10.  What happens if I use all my Minutes / SMS / Data?

If you do not subscribe to another plan, you will be charged at Out Of Bundle rates which are displayed on the www.DigicelPNG.com website.

You can subscribe to multiple plans in a single day / week / month as you require

11. How do customers contact Customer Care while roaming?

Customers are required to dial +67572222126 to contact Customer Care while roaming.
Contacting Voicemail while roaming will incur a cost that will be charged the same rate as if calling a Digicel number.


12. How do I get to my Voicemail while Roaming?

You are required to dial +67572555555 to get to your voicemail.
Checking your voicemail while roaming will attract a cost if you do NOT have a Roaming Plan.


13. Am I able to benefit from local promotions? E.g. Free Weekends etc.?

No, you will not be able to benefit from any local products or promotions.


14. If I am a Prepaid customer with #1Tok credit on my account can this be used while roaming?

No, #1Tok is a local promotion and will not be able to be used while roaming.


15. How do I place a call home to PNG while roaming?

To call home to PNG you place +675 in front of the number, you must also remove the first 0. For example, to dial local PNG number – 72221234, you dial +67572221234. To dial the + symbol, press and hold the 0 key and the + symbol will appear.

We advise customers to always store their contacts in full international format (as above), the number +6757222123456 will still work when calling back in PNG.

1. How does roaming work?

Digicel has roaming agreements with other GSM operations worldwide that allow our customers to use these partner networks when traveling abroad.


2. What should I do before roaming?

Before you are ready to travel, this it is important to check with a sales representative to ensure that roaming is activated on your account. After activating Roaming, make sure you subscribe to a roaming plan. We also advise you to switch off all application updates to prevent applications using your data allowance. You are then ready to roam*. Before you leave the country, remember to follow these 2 easy steps:

  • Find the Network Selection setting in your Digicel mobile phone menu, by navigating to SETTINGS, CONNECTIONS, MOBILE NETWORKS and then DATA ROAMING and select "AUTOMATIC' before you board the aircraft. Make sure you switch your phone off (or into FLIGHT mode) whilst onboard and do not switch back on or out of flight mode until you are instructed that it is safe to do so by the Cabin Crew
  • When you have reached your destination, turn on your phone and allow it to update and locate Digicel's partner network in that country.


3. What should I do if my handset does not pick up a network automatically when I have reached my destination?

There are some handsets that you will need to select the network manually. To do this, go to Menu, Connections, Networks, then select Manual and connect to the Network

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