Digicel 4G Smartphone Promotion

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Digicel 4G Smartphone Promotion

1.      Is the Wowi 4G Smartphone promotion a Digicel promotion?

Yes it is. We have a smartphone promotion which will be running throughout the month of May or while stocks last. Buy the selected 4G smartphone and get Free unlimited data, valid for 3 days.

2.      How much is the Wowi 4G smartphone?

The Wowi SQ753 4G smartphone is selling at K199.

3.      Will I get any special data if I buy this smartphone?

Yes, you will. The Wowi SQ753 4G smartphone comes with Free unlimited data valid for 3 days

4.      How do I get the free data after buying the new smartphone?

Once you have purchased the new smartphone, remove your SIM from your old phone and insert into new Wowi 4G smartphone and switch phone on to allow network detection. You should receive an SMS confirming receipt of free data.

Note: Wowi 4G smartphones will be sold without a SIM. Ensure to advise customers to do a SIM upgrade if they are using a 2G SIM. SIM upgrade is Free. Visit nearest Digicel flagship/dealership for more info.

5.      Will I get the free data if I am using a post-paid SIM?

Unfortunately, you won’t get the free data on your post-paid. This promotion is only open to prepaid subscribers.

6.      What are the specs of this phones?

The Wowi SQ753 4G comes with;

  • Screen size: 5.6 inch
  • OS: Android 8.1.0 (Android Oreo)
  • Memory size: 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM
  • Camera: Front 2.0 MP + Rear 2.0 MP
  • Accessories: One Adaptor, one USB cable, ONE battery.

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Digicel 4G Smartphone Promotion