ENB woman wins K250,000 education project

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ENB woman wins K250,000 education project

A Matupit woman, from East New Britain Province, was the lucky winner of a K250,000 door prize drawn at the 2017 Men of Honour Awards Gala Night, held at the Stanley Hotel on the weekend.

Digicel PNG Foundation had put up a lucky door prize of an Education or Health Project worth up to K250,000 for the guests attending the 2017 Men of Honour Awards Gala Night.

Salomie Irima, 38, said she was astounded and shocked to have her name drawn that night, not having expected to win the prize.

“It only dawned on me when I was shaking hands with Digicel Foundation CEO, Beatrice Mahuru, and she asked me which school I was going to select. I was very happy that through Digicel PNG Foundation, their Men of Honour Program and my attendance of the event, the school in my community can now benefit from a good education project,” Irima said.

Irima nominated St. Michael’s Primary School in Matupit to be the recipient of her door prize, a Digicel PNG Foundation funded primary school classroom project.

Matupit is where Irima grew up and completed her education. She said she was deeply saddened to learn last Christmas during her holiday that one of the two primary schools had closed down.

Fighting back tears of disbelief and joy, Irima said: “I’m still pinching myself. I cannot believe how fortunate I am.

“Out of the 500 guests at the Men of Honour Awards dinner, mine was the ticket that was drawn.

“I know how hard this community (Matupit) works to have their children attend school despite the run down infrastructure.”

Irima said the St Michael Primary School project will give hope and raise the morale of the children and the Matupit community as a whole.

The Men of Honour guest speaker, Captain Granger Narara, drew the prize and Foundation CEO, Mahuru and Chairman, Douveri Henao were pleased to present the prize at the Awards Gala Dinner.

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ENB woman wins K250,000 education project