Digicel Announces Sponsorship of Park

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Digicel Announces Sponsorship of Park

Port Moresby, PNG – Tuesday, 4th July 2017: Digicel has announced their continued Gold Sponsorship support of Port Moresby Nature Park through provision of in-kind services including CUG, internet data and retail flex in a bid to assist the Park deliver excellence to clients through effective communication means.

This will be Digicel’s fifth year of sponsorship support to the Nature Park.

Port Moresby Nature Park’s General Manager said at the announcement, “We are exceptionally grateful to Digicel for the long-term support and partnership that they have, and are continuing to provide to the Nature Park, particularly as our communications needs have grown as our organisation has grown.”

Ms McGeorge commented that when the sponsorship had first commenced the Nature Park had only 5 computers and 2 email addresses and that over the years as the park had grown and as such effective communications with guests was exceptionally important and Digicel had proven itself for its high, consistent and reliable services. 

Ms McGeorge also noted that the Gold sponsorship support enabled the Nature Park to redirect the savings into other development projects such as pathways and animal exhibits and that this year funds saved were being redirected into a new bird of paradise precinct which the park is aiming to start in the coming months.

Digicel’s, Director Government Relations, Mr Gary Seddon noted that Digicel was happy to support the Nature Park as it was an important community facility providing recreational opportunities for families to come together and which also provided important educational opportunities to over 18,000 school students each year.

The Nature Park is a registered charity established by NCDC in 2012 that relies on grant funding provided by NCDC, corporate donations and Park visitation in order to continue to develop and provide new facilities for the community, something that it has been successfully doing so as seen by over 500,000 visitors to the Park since it opened.

Over the last 5 years Digicel has also assisted the Park through networking of the Park’s entry building when it was built in 2013 as well as through Digicel staff volunteering at the Park at past public day events.

Likewise the Nature Park has also been involved in supporting the Digicel Foundation through the donation of books that were put into school libraries built by the Foundation.

Last week the Park was awarded a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for its third year running, making it the only tourism attraction in the country to have won the award three times.



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Digicel Announces Sponsorship of Park