Christmas Promotion FAQs

Christmas Promotion FAQs


Launch Date: November 25, 2020 

End Date: December 31, 2020 

Service Type: Promotion

Customer Type: Digicel Prepaid Customers



1.      What is the Christmas Promotion?

Digicel is launching an exciting Christmas promotion where our valued customers go into the draw to WIN a part of K1 Million worth of prizes.

2.      When does the Christmas Promotion start/end?

The Christmas promotion will start on 25 November 2020 (00:00:00hrs) and ends on 31 December 2020 (23:59:59hrs).

3.      Who is eligible for this Promotion?

All Prepaid Customers only.

Customer Experience

The Christmas Promotion flow shall be as per below:

4.      How does a customer qualify for this Promotion?

To qualify for this promotion and go into the draw to win more prizes, customers can perform the following actions.

·         Buy a Plan – (data, add-on, 1Tok Prime or mobile TV plans)

·         Shake It

·         Recharge (K5 minimum)

a.      What is offered when I buy a plan?

When you buy any plan (data, add-on, 1Tok Prime or mobile TV) via MyDigicel App or *675#, you will be eligible to:

·         earn a valid entry to the weekly draw and the grand final draw to win cash and prizes.

b.      What is offered when I Shake It?

Enjoy the Shake It gaming mechanism in the My Digicel App where you can:

·         Shake your phone or click on the Shake It icon to win instant digital prizes daily.

·         Enjoy a 100% guaranteed win per day.

·         Only 1 Shake It win per one (1) per day.

·         Choose the selected prize or another from the list of options (see Q&A 5).

·         You can gift the prize to another Digicel customer.

·         If you do not select one of the above options within the 24 hours window, we will automatically apply the default prize to your account.

·         Earn a valid entry to the weekly draw and the grand final draw to win cash and prizes when you Shake It.

c.       What is offered when I top up?

For every top up of K5 minimum or more, you earn 1 valid entry into the weekly draw and the grand final draw.

·         The more you top up, the more chances you have to win!

·         Top up methods that qualify are listed below and include:

1.      Flex card (voucher recharge)

2.      BSP (Credit)

3.      Digicel Diaspora Voucher Top Up Credit

4.      MM Top Up

5.      Telepin EVD (Credit)

6.      Telepin NMB Top Up

7.      BSP Digicel Mobile Top Up (Credit)

8.      Digicel Diaspora Online Top Up Credit - Ezetop

9.      Westpac Top Up (Credit)

10.  Kina Bank Top Up (Credit)

5.      What types of prizes can I win?

There are two (2) different types of prizes that may be offered to you in the event of a win: “Digital Experience Prizes” and “Non-Digital Prizes”.  Each defined below.

“Digital Experience Prizes” include the following subcategories of prizes, these can typically be used immediately after choosing and may be available to gift via Shake It (MDA):

Experience Prize Subcategory


Promo Digital Bundle

Premium access and data allowance for the 3 Digital Services below

Any Use Data*

An allowance of data that you can use for anything on your Smartphone

*The Social 1GB plan can only be used for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The Promo Digital Bundle includes premium access and a data allowance that can be used with the following digital services (apps):

1.      PlayGo


2.      D’Music


3.      BiP


Find out more about these apps and our Digicel Prime Bundles on our website


“Non-Digital Prizes” are prizes that would typically need to be collected from a location designated by Digicel and may be included as prizes in the Promotion, with notifications of the same via social media and/or other Digicel communications.  Examples include cash, Wowi Tablets, 5,000 L water tank and 3kvA generator with a Digicel partner and entry tickets to our offline raffle draw.

6.      What draw prizes are being offered?

Prize giveaways for the Christmas promotion will be awarded daily. Weekly draws will be done, plus Christmas and of course, the Grand Prize draw.  

           i.            Daily Instant Prizes will be awarded through Shake It in the MyDigicel App (MDA). These are known as Daily Experience prizes.

         ii.            Weekly draw prizes – awarded to randomly drawn winners including cash, Wowi tablets, water tanks and generators. Winners will be announced live on Fridays.

       iii.            Grand Draw – on January 4th 2021 for 3 randomly drawn winners, who will be announced live on January 8th 2021.

   Prize allocations:





1 GB Social Plan

*Daily winners will vary

PlayGo 1Day Premium

*Daily winners will vary

D’Music 1Day

*Daily winners will vary

300 MB 1Hour any-use data

*Daily winners will vary

BiP 1Day 300 MB

*Daily winners will vary





Wowi Tablet

5 winners per week

K5,000 Cash

1 winner per week for 4 weeks

5,000 L Water Tank

1 winner per week for 4 weeks

3kvA Generator

1 winner per week for 4 weeks




Christmas Eve

K5,000 Cash

5 cash winners for that week

Grand Prize 1

K50,000 Cash

3 Grand Prize cash winners to be drawn based on qualified entries from Nov 25-Dec 31, 2020

Grand Prize 2

K20,000 Cash

Grand Prize 3

K10,000 Cash

       iv.            Shake It rewards are also known as daily experience prizes and are subject to change without notification.

         v.             The draws will run for 4 weeks, plus the Christmas and Grand Prize draws.

7.      When will the draws be scheduled?

The draws will be scheduled as follows, and announced on Fridays of each draw week.



Total Winners/week

Draw Dates

Draw Entries Pool


Wowi Tablet

5 winners


(Week 1)

5,000L Water Tank
3kvA Generator

1 winner per prize

Wowi Tablet

5 winners


Dec 2-8,2020
(Week 2)

5,000L Water Tank
3kvA Generator

1 winner per prize

Wowi Tablet

5 winners


(Week 3)

5,000L Water Tank
3kvA Generator

1 winner per prize

Wowi Tablet

5 winners


(Week 4)

5,000L Water Tank
3kvA Generator

1 winner per prize

Christmas Eve


5 winners of K5,000


(Week 5)

Grand Prize


1 winner of K50,000

1 winner of K20,000

1 winner of K10,000


(Week 6)


Weekly Prizes

·         Eligible customers MSISDN will be collected each week and submitted each week.

·         Random raffle draw on specified day to select winners for a chance the win weekly prizes.

·         Each week a new pool of numbers is gathered based on the customer completing the qualifying activity (Q&A in 4a & 4c).

·         Each activity allows for an entry, which allows a customer to have multiple entries during the week.

·         Non-digital prizes cannot be changed or traded.

·         Winners will be contacted and redemption method outlined below.


Grand Prize

·         All numbers that have qualified during the promotional period will be eligible for the Grand Prize.

·         Each Entry from your weekly activity counts to the total number of entry for the Grand Prize

·         Random raffle will be on January 4th 2021 to select winners.

·         3 Grand Prize winners will be chosen, and announced on January 8th 2021.

·         Prizes cannot be changed or traded.

·         Winners will be contacted and redemption method outlined below.


8.      How will the prizes be redeemed?

Refer to the below information for prize redemption.

Daily instant (digital experience) prizes:

                                  i.      Once a daily instant prize has been selected, it will activate immediately and automatically for you.  There is no need to activate separately.

                                ii.       Daily instant prizes are available to be used from the time of activation and expire as per the validity communicated at the time of activation.

Weekly/Christmas/Grand Draw prizes:

                               iii.      For non-digital prizes, the raffle draws will be done offline and prizes distributed as follows.

Prize Type


Prize Disbursement Method

Maximum # of Winners

Wowi Tablet device

Weekly (Draw)

Authorized Digicel Redemption Centre


5,000 L Water Tank

Weekly (Draw)

Authorized Digicel Redemption Centre


2.4kvA Generator

Weekly (Draw)

Authorized Digicel Redemption Centre


Shake It Rewards

Daily (MDA)

MyDigicel App

To vary per day


Weekly (Draw)

Direct Bank Transfer


Christmas Eve (Draw)

Direct Bank Transfer


Grand Prize (Draw)

Direct Bank Transfer


9.      How will I know if I have earned a qualifying entry into the draw?

When you perform any of the 3 activities mentioned in Q&A in 4a & 4c, you will receive a customized SMS notification to confirm your draw entry.

Sample message: “Thank you. You earned a valid entry to Digicel’s Christmas Promotion Draw. The more entries earned, the more chances to win. Promo ends 31-Dec-20 by 1159pm.”

Additional Questions and Answers

10.  What will happen when I shake It during the Christmas Promotion?

When you shake it:

                                  i.            You can enjoy a 100% guaranteed win for the day.

                                ii.             You will be served with a list of rewards from which you can select one.

                               iii.            You can gift your default reward to another Digicel mobile customer.

                               iv.            If you do not claim or gift a prize 24 hours after the win, the default reward will be activated on your account.

                                v.             Within the 24-hour window, you still have the option to choose or gift the reward.

                               vi.            Customers can only win once per day.

                             vii.            You will earn a valid entry to the weekly draw and the grand final draw to win cash and prizes.

11.  How will the Shake It flow this Christmas be different?

During the regular period, the Shake It flow offers:

·         A free shake it to all prepaid customers regardless of whether or not you are on an eligible plan.

·         The promotion will be available daily with two type of shakes:

o   The more chances to win: Daily from Sunday to Friday with a 50% chance to win.

o   The guaranteed Win: On Saturdays and other promotional days with a 100% chance to win.

·         You get only 1 “shake” per day.

·         Shake it rewards included the 15MB 1 hour plan, 1 Day D’Music plan, 1 Day TV Sports plan, 300MB 1 hour plan.

·         Only 2 plans were valid for an hour from the time the reward was activated; and 2 plans were valid for 24 hours from time of activation.

·         Rewards could not be traded or gifted.

However, during Christmas, the new Shake It flow offers:

·         A free shake to all prepaid customers regardless of whether or not you are on an eligible plan, valid for 24 hours.

·         A 100% guaranteed win will be offered on your daily ‘Shake’ during the promo.

·         Shake It rewards include the 15MB 1 hour plan, 1 Day D’Music plan, 1 Day TV Sports plan, 300MB 1 hour plan, 1 Day BiP plan and 1GB Social plan.

·         All plans are valid for 24 hours except for the 15MB 1 hour plan.

·         Trade and gifting of rewards is applicable for this promotion.

·         You still get only 1 “shake”’ per day.

12.  How are the Bundle Plans activated on a customer’s account?

The only subscription channel for these plans shall be reward service. This means No USSD, no UMM, No CC portal activation channel is required.

·         They shall be configured as stand-alone; no filter shall be applied to these plans preventing a customer from winning one of them.

·         They shall allow the winner to see the plans on MyDigicel

·         They shall only be on the active plan section on MyDigicel.

·         The new DA shall be configured on the app for customers to check their outstanding balance.

·         The priority of the DA shall be the highest compared to other DA in the market that are giving free data.

·         Shake it Digital Bundle DA à Shake it Unrestricted Data DA à Do Bundle DA à Legacy Data DA à Main Account.

13.  Can a customer activate more than one Free Shake It Plan?

No. Customers can activate ONLY 1 Free Shake It Plan per day.

14.  How can customers activate the Free Shake It Plan?

There is no USSD, UMM, CC portal subscription channel required, only Reward service shall be able to activate these plans.

15.  How do I trade or gift a Shake It Plan?

In the event of winning a prize, you may have a choice of prize from a list of options and also the ability to gift your prize to another Digicel customer of your choice. 

·         Prizes that cannot be chosen or gifted are automatically applied to your account.

·         Otherwise, you will have twenty-four (24) hours to select one or more of the following options, depending on the prize won:

o   Choose – the selected prize or, if available, you can choose one of the other prizes from the list of options.

o   Gift – if available, you can gift the prize to another Digicel customer by selecting this option and providing the contact details of that person.

o   If you do not select one of the above options within the twenty-four (24) hour window, we will automatically apply the default prize to your account.

16.  Is there rollover available for the Free Shake It Plan?

No. There is no rollover as these Free Shake It Plans are valid for only 24 hours.

17.  Which plans are eligible to qualify you with an entry into the draw?

All our Shake It rewards and latest Digicel+ data, add-ons, 1Tok Prime plans and mobile TV plans/bundles are eligible for the Promotion as listed below.

Prepaid Eligible Plans/Bundles

Postpaid Eligible Plans/Bundles

Data Plans






K3_500MB_Night Plan

K5_1GB_Night Plan

K8_4GB_Night Plan

K10_6GB_Night Plan

K15_12GB_Night Plan





















Not applicable

Add-On Social Data Plans

200MB Social Data K1 

500MB Social Data K2

1GB Social Data K3

Not applicable

Prepaid Mobile TV Plans

Basic Free

TV Sports 1 DAY ShakeIT

TV Sports 1DAY

TV Sports 7 DAY

TV Sports 30 DAY









1 Day Premium Plan

7 Day Premium Plan

30 Day Premium Plan

Not applicable

1Tok Daily Plans

K2.50 8mins_20sms 1day



















K8_40min_40sms_80MB 1 day_D



K5_15min_25sms_60MB 1 day

K4_12min_20sms_60MB 1 day

K5_12min_20sms_40MB 1 day_D


Not applicable

1Tok Weekly Plans

K15_65Mins_65SMS_7 day

K25_60min_60sms_300MB_7 day

K55_80min_5mins_80sms_750MB_7 day

Not applicable

1Tok Monthly Plans

K110_160mins_20minsInt_120sms_1.5GB_30 day

K235_350mins_35minsInt_350sms_7GB_30 day

Not applicable

1Tok Specials



Not applicable