PlayGo Morning Pass

PlayGo Morning Pass is available to both Prepay & Postpay customers at a price of $0.25 for 1GB valid from 7am to 11am, only available to opt in via MyDigicel App.

1GB PlayGo Morning Pass can be used for Premium PlayGo Channels streaming only.

1.    When can this offer be available for opt in?
Offer is available to opt in everyday from 7am to 11am by MDA. Before 7am and after 11am offer will not be visible for opt in. Plan will be available for opt in under “Available Plans” in MyDigicel app.

2.    When can customers use PlayGo Morning Pass bundle?
1GB bundle can be used from 7am till 11am only for streaming Premium PlayGo channels.

3.    When does the bundle expire?
PlayGo Morning Pass 1GB Data expires at 11am. Customers will not be able to see bundle after 11am in MyDigicel App.

4.    Is PlayGo Morning Pass a renewal bundle?
No, PlayGo Morning Pass is a non-renewal bundle.

5.    Is PlayGo Morning Pass a rollover bundle?
No, any unused PlayGo Morning Pass data bundle after 11am will expire and not roll over to the following day.

6.    What confirmation message is sent when PlayGo Morning Pass bundle is successfully attached?
You are now subscribed to PlayGo Morning Pass with 1GB PlayGo Data, valid from 7am-11am today only. Enjoy!

7.    Is this promo available to everyone?
This promotion is available to Prepaid & Postpaid customers.

8.       What are the Premium Channels in PlayGo?

TVWAN Action
Trace Urban
Premier League
Day Star
Blue Ant Entertainment
Comedy Central
Blue Ant Extreme
Love Nature


9.    Promotion end date?
Ongoing promotion until further notice.