Billo Storage Plans



Having issues with your STORAGE! Well why not buy Billo Storage Plans. These storage plans can only be purchased from MyDigicel app using your Real Credit. No more waiting for a credit card to buy STORAGE!

Billo Storage Plans

Storage Plans Storage (GB) Price (Monthly) Subscription Due
Billo 50GB 50 $1.49 Every 30 Days
Billo 100GB 100 $2.49 Every 30 Days
Billo 250GB 250 $2.99 Every 30 Days
Billo 500GB 500 $3.99 Every 30 Days
Billo 2.5TB 2.5TB $14.49 Every 30 Days

1.    How is this going to work?

Customers will be able to see and purchase the above Storage Bundles from My Digicel App only

•    These purchased storage is not visible on *141#, however customers will be able to see their storage bundles in the Billo App (Billo App ➝ Settings ➝ Account Details ➝ My Packages)

•    Storage cannot be transferred to another number

•    Customers will need to purchase the storage every month to be able to access their storage

•    This is just purely storage it’s not DATA

The storage plan will Renew accordingly after 30 days

•    All the Billo Storage Plan is only available for 30 days

•    Customers will not be able to see the plan/storage that they have purchased. Customers will be able to see all the other plans/storage except for the one that have purchased.


2.    How do I buy the storage plan for Billo?
Customer can purchase the plan through My Digicel App only.

3.    Will my plan auto-renew?
Yes, your plan will auto-renew after 30 Days.


4.    What if I don’t opt in to my Storage Bundles the next month?
Customers will be given 2 days grace period to opt into their Storage plan again, if not then customer will be blocked from their storage access

5.    Will my storage show on *130#?
No, it won’t.

6.    How do I check how much storage do I have?
You can check that when customer go to the Billo app.

7.    Is this storage plan only available on My Digicel App?
Yes, this storage plan is only available on My Digicel App.

8.    What if I purchase a plan twice in a day?
Unfortunately, you can’t do that as you won’t see the plan again after you have purchased it.