Billo Midnight Pass

$0.25 for 1GB only available from 12am to 7am on MyDigicel App.


1GB Billo Midnight bundle can be used for Billo usage only for storing all your photos, videos and other files safely in Billo storage. 

Billo Midnight Pass is for the Billo App exclusively. You must have Billo Storage Plans when using this Pass.

1.    When can this offer be available for opt in?

Offer is available to opt in everyday from 12am to 7am on MyDigicel App. Before 12am and after 7am offer will not be visible for opt in from MyDigicel App. Plan will be available for opt in under “Available Plans” in MyDigicel App as “Billo Midnight Pass”.


2.    When can customers use Billo Midnight Pass bundle?

1GB bundle can be used from 12am till 7am only for using data for storing all your photos, videos and other files safely in Billo storage.

3.    When does the bundle expire?

Billo Midnight Pass 1GB Data expires at 7am. Customers will not be able to see bundle after 7am in MDA.

4.    Is Billo Midnight Pass a renewal bundle?

No, Billo Midnight Pass is a non-renewal bundle.

5.    Is Billo Midnight Pass a rollover bundle?

No, any unused Billo Midnight Pass data bundle after 7am will expire and not roll over to the following day.

6.    What confirmation message is sent when Billo Midnight Pass bundle is successfully attached?

You are now subscribed to Billo Midnight Pass with 1GB of Billo Data, valid from 12am-7am. Offer will auto-renew at 12am. 

7.    Is this promo available to everyone?

This promotion is available to Prepaid & Postpaid customers.


8.    What are Billo Storage Plans?

Billo Storage Plans are standalone plans where a customer needs to opt in and use the storage plans for storing all your photos, videos and others in cloud.

Below is our standalone storage plans:


Storage (GB)

Price (Monthly)

Subscription due

Billo 5GB



Every 30 days

Billo 50GB



Billo 100GB



Billo 250GB



Billo 500GB



Billo 2.5TB



9.    How is this going to work?

Customers will be able to see and purchase the above Storage Bundles from MyDigicel App only These purchased storage is not visible on *141#, however customers will be able to see their storage bundles in the Billo App (Billo App → Settings → Account Details → My Packages)

  1. Storage cannot be transferred to another number. You will need to purchase the storage every month to be able to access their storage This is just purely storage it’s not DATA

  2. The storage plan will Renew accordingly after 30 days. All the Billo Storage Plan is only available for 30 days. You will not be able to see the plan/storage that they have purchased. They will be able to see all the other plans/storage except for the one that have purchased.