Top Up & WIN - Birthday Offer

Top Up & WIN - Birthday Offer

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Win with Digicel’s 9th Birthday Celebration’s

Celebrate with us for your chance to WIN amazing prizes!

Top Up by $6 or more for your chance to WIN below prizes. The more you Top Up the more chances you have!

Top Up denominations & entries
Top Up Entries
$6 - $9.99 18
Top Up
$6 - $9.99
$10 - $14.99 27
Top Up
$10 - $14.99
$15 - $24.99 36
Top Up
$15 - $24.99
$25 or more 42
Top Up
$25 or more
Category Prizes No. of Winners
1 $1k AUD Cash 9 Winners
$1k AUD Cash
No. of Winners
9 Winners
2 4G Smartphones 9 Winners
4G Smartphones
No. of Winners
9 Winners
3 9GB Data valid for 30 days 9 Winners
9GB Data valid for 30 days
No. of Winners
9 Winners

1.    How do I go into the draw to win a prize?
Digicel prepaid customers need to purchase a Top Up of $6 or more from any reseller or Digicel outlet and top up to enter the draw, or ask friends and families abroad to online top up their number via  each entry will be registered to the number topped up.

2.    How many times I can enter the promotion
Customers are eligible enter as many times they wish during the promotional period to increase their chances of winning.

3.    Will the points accumulate on my second top up?
Yes, points accumulate every time you top up; example when you top up $6 you get 18 points then given that your second top up is $15 you get 36 points, in total you will have 54 points

4.    How can I check my Points?
Customers can check their points by dialling *145#

5.    What is the last date to top up & enter the promotion?
The last day to top up, for your entry to be valid or counted will be on Sunday the 30th of September, 2018.

6.    How will winners be awarded?
Total of 27 Winners picked randomly, greater the points greater chances of winning 

  • 9 X Winners of $1k AUD Cash
  • 9 X Winners of 4G Smartphones
  • 9 X Winners of 9GB data valid for 30 days 

7.    When will winners be drawn?
Winners will be announced on Friday 5th of October at Digicel Nauru store.

8.    Is parental consent required?
If the winner of the registered SIM card is under the age of 18, parental consent and presence is mandatory.

9.    Winners Registration?
The winner drawn has to be registered and the current user of the sim in order to claim their prize, if the SIM belongs to an individual however is used under another individual, the rightful winner is the registered SIM individual. Proof of identification is required.

10.    Who Is this offer available to?
This Promotion is available to all Prepaid customers.

11.    How will winners be awarded?

  • Cash Prize - Winners will be awarded via Cash or Cheque can only be cashed by the winner and not any other relative or person.
  • Phone – Awarded to the winner 
  • 9GB data – awarded to the customer via the SIM he/she used to Enter the promotion.  

12.    How will winners be contacted?
Winners will be contacted via Phone call and announced via Digicel Nauru’s Facebook page.

13.    Is the promotion available on top up lower than $6?
No only on top up of $6 or more will customers be entitled to entries.

14.    How will winners be selected?
All winners will be selected at random, regardless of top up. So the more points you have the better chances of winning a prize.

15.    What top-up methods are applicable on this promotion?
All top up method for example; to Telepin, cards, EVD, Diaspora top up, etc. (All Top Up methods.)

16.    Expiry on purchase of top up?
Expiry on purchase of Top Up will remain as normal.

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Top Up & WIN - Birthday Offer