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1. Unable to send SMS or a Text Message. How do I get this rectified?

This can be a result of any of the below reasons:

  1. The handset being used may have an issue. In this case, please call Customer Care at 123 or visit a Digicel store.

  2. You might not have sufficient credit to send the SMS. Each local SMS costs aud$0.13 per 160 characters and each international SMS costs per 160 characters.

2. How can I send text messages abroad? 

Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Go to messages, select text messages

  • Select write new, start typing

  • Enter the country code and mobile phone number you wish to send the message to e.g. +61 XXXXXXXX (to send to an Australian number)

  • Select send

It costs only AUD$0.26 to send a text message from your Digicel mobile to an international phone number anytime of the day or night.


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