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Credit U

1. How does the Digicel Credit U service work?

Credit U allows you to transfer credit from your own prepaid account to the prepaid account of friends and family using your mobile handset. Dial *128*phone number of the receiver*amount of credit# and press call.

2. Can I retrieve credit that I’ve mistakenly sent to the wrong account?

While attempting to send Credit U, you will be given the opportunity to confirm the information submitted. Once confirm, you won’t be able to claim any credit sent to a wrong number.

3. How do I verify that my Credit U transfer was done correctly?

You will receive a confirmation notification.

4. I attempted to send a Credit U transfer, but did not receive a confirmation message. What do I do?

If you did not receive a confirmation message that your Credit U transfer was successful, check your account balance by dialling *120# before attempting to send it again.



5. Can the credit transferred be used to activate a data plan?

Yes. Any credit that is transferred to the Main Account and can be used to activate data plans.

6. Can I send a Credit U while roaming?

Yes. Credit U will work while roaming. Simply dial *128*phone number of the receiver*amount of credit# and press call.

7. Is there a cost to use the Credit U service?

There is a $0.11AUD fee charged for sending a Credit U transfer but no charge to receive.

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