Digicel Network Upgrade

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Digicel Network Upgrade to Boost Data Experience

Friday, 8th May 2020 I Nauru I Digicel, Nauru’s complete communications and entertainment provider is working on a major network upgrade to see island-wide LTE 4G+ coverage in coming weeks.

The upgrade marks a new phase in network optimisation as engineers boost major tower sites with world-class equipment to enhance the current LTE 4G+ network.

Digicel Nauru CEO, Christopher Manaog, said; “We simply want to give our customers the best mobile experience we can. The optimisation of our LTE 4G+ network is crucial as our customers rely on Digicel as their provider for all their communications and entertainment needs. We have experienced a huge increase in data traffic over the past two years and we are rolling out 700Mhz as an additional LTE layer to boost LTE coverage and capacity on the island.”

The enhancement of our network is now focused on boosting the efficiency of each site to deliver faster data speeds and improved performance. Nauru will be on par with the world in cutting-edge technology and embracing the future of streaming entertainment including Netflix, and other popular social sites.

Digicel’s network enhancements are expected to be completed by end of June, after which customers can expect to experience improvements in data speeds and coverage.

“We would like to express our thanks to our customers for their patience and understanding as we carry out the upgrades on our towers. We are committed to deliver an amazing network experience, we have put great effort in developing our network in order to continue meeting your changing needs and we thank you for taking this journey with us,” commented Manaog.

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Digicel Network Upgrade