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Watch TV on your Smartphone

Watch live Sports, News from around the world, best drama shows and religious programmes whenever and wherever you want.

It's TV Anytime, Anywhere on Any device

Now you can enjoy PlayGo on your Android or iOS device wherever you are in Nauru either on 3G or 4G+ network connection on your Digicel Smartphone.





1.    What Is PlayGo?
PlayGo is a new and exciting way to watch a great range of live and delayed sports, entertainment and music on your mobile, tablet or laptop for a small monthly fee.

2.    What Can I Watch On PlayGo?
We stream live sports, top quality TV shows and movies on a range of channels including TVWAN, TVWAN Action, Daystar, Premier League and Fight Sports smoothly over the internet. Watch out for even more entertainment coming soon!

3.    Who Can Use PlayGo?
Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers can use PlayGo! 

4.    How Do I Get PlayGo?
For Android simply download it from the Google Play store, iOS users can download directly from the Apple Store!

5.    How do I get access to PlayGo?
You will need your Digicel iD available to gain access. If you do not have a Digicel iD you create it when promoted by PlayGo.

6.    How Will I Know When To Renew My Subscription?
Renewing your PlayGo subscription is as simple as purchasing a data plan with a minimum expiry of 24 Hours. PlayGo access is for the same period as the purchased data plan. Example: if you purchase a data plan that expires in 7 days, you will get access to PlayGo for a period of 7 Days.

7.    How does PlayGo use my data?
PlayGo will consume data from your data plan if it exists. In the event that no data plan exists, you will be prompted to purchase a data plan. 

8.    What Device Can I Use To Stream PlayGo?
PlayGo is available on your Android phones, iPhone, iPad and Android tablets.

9.    What Is The Required Internet Connection Speed?
PlayGo is clever. If your speed is not as you would like, don’t worry – PlayGo will adapt to give you the best experience possible.

10.    What Is The Minimum Requirement For My Devices?
We try really hard to make our technology as slick as possible but we do have some essentials:

  • Android Devices : Android 4.1 and above
  • Apple iOS Devices for iPad and iPhone: iOS 8.0 and above
  • As a rule, if your device was purchased within the last 3 years it should be compatible
  • Not sure what version you are running? Check your ‘Settings’ on your device.

11.    How Do I Install PlayGo?
It could not be any easier to get PlayGo:

  • For Android devices, you need to install the PlayGo app from here Google Play store
  • For Apple iOS devices, users can install the PlayGo app from here Apple Store.

12.    I Don't Have A Digicel iD, What Do I Do?

If you do not have a Digicel iD, simply click on the ‘Register’ option and follow the instructions. Connect with your Digicel ID/Sign Up for Digicel ID.

13.    Can I Use PlayGo When I Travel?
Access to PlayGo can only be viewed in the country where the customer subscribed.

14.    How Many Devices Can I Connect
You can connect as many devices as you wish. However, you will only be able to watch TV from one device at a time so keep this in mind if you plan to share an account in your household. If you receive the error message “Unable to login. Too many connections”… please end any other active session and retry.

  • Available to prepaid and postpaid Digicel mobile customers.
  • Digicel mobile data is required to access the PlayGo App.
  • PlayGo App can be accessed in 3G & 4G network coverage areas.
  • Android 4.1 or iOS 8.0 and above required.
  • An active Digicel mobile number is required to register to PlayGo App.
  • Channel line-up on PlayGo App may change subject to availability.
  • Download PlayGo from Google Play Store or App Store and register to access channel’s on PlayGo App.

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