D’Music Free Trial

D’Music Free Trial offer for 30 days. This allows you to have Premium Level D’Music Access for FREE. Simply opt in to the bundle from MyDigicel app from Rewards Section.

1.       What is D’Music Free Trial
D’Music Free Trial is a Premium once off monthly plan which allows customers to access D’Music Premium experience for free.

2.        How can I get D’Music Free Trial offer?
D’Music Free Trial is available for opt in from MyDigicel App.

Go to Available Plans ➝ Go to Free Rewards Category ➝ Select D’Music Free Trial

3.       What can I use D’Music Free Trial for?
Once you opted in for the plan you will get full access to music. In order to access full music access you need to opt in to our Prime, Data, or All In One Plans to have sufficient data bundle.

1.       What are the different types of D’Music Access Level?
D’Music Stations and D’Music Premum

2.       What is D’Music Stations?
D’Music Stations allows Genre streaming with Local & Generic genres. You will not have ability to choose album/artist/playlists

3.       What is D’Music Premium?
D’Music Premium allows full access to music and deliver a premium music experience.

4.       What happens if I get a call or SMS while listening to music?
If you receive a SMS the music will continue playing. In case a call comes in, the music will stop during your conversation and after hanging it the music will start playing again

5.       How do I change my profile picture?
You have to enter "My Profile" and click "Change avatar". You can select either to upload a photo from your phone gallery or to use the camera to take a new photo.

6.       How do I Logout?
In "My Profile" you’ll find the option Logout.

7.       Where I can see the information of my subscription?
Entering "My Profile”, you will see the type of subscription you have, cost and expiration date.

8.       How can I find music?
There is an icon of a magnifying glass where you can type a search by song name, artist, album or playlist. With the tags, you will find all the playlists related to the word.

9.       How do I delete or change the tags from my playlist?
Go to your playlist and choose Edit, then you can change the name of the playlist or the tags.

10.   How do I add a song to the playlist?
To add songs to the playlist you must click on the icon on the right of each track, and some options for possible actions will be display. Select "Add to playlist" and will add it to your playlist.

11.   If new songs are added to the playlist I have selected in Top Chart, will it update even if the week hasn’t ended?
Yes, but not the downloaded songs

12.   How do I position my playlist?
Put the most popular tags and win followers.

13.   How do I delete songs on the playlist?
The icon in the top right gives you access to your playlist, there you can select whether you want to empty the list.

14.   How do I add a song to a playlist?
To add songs to a playlist you must click on the icon to the right of each track, there various options for possible actions will be display. Choose "Add to Playlist," then select the playlist you want to add and go!

15.   How many songs can be added to a playlist?
You can add up to 40 songs, but only Premium can create playlists, as you want!

16.   How do I view the most recent playlists?
To view the newest playlists you should access to Releases.

17.   If I am a Premium user, how do I enter the Top 40?
Find the Top 40 on the second slide of Home there will follow and listen to all the hits.

18.   How do I add a song to my favourites?
To add songs to your favourites, you must click on the icon to the right of each track, there are various options for possible actions will be display. Select "Add to Favourites" and voila!

19.   How do I download a song to listen it offline?
To download songs you must click on the icon to the right of each track, there are various options for possible actions will be display. Select "download" and will be available whenever you want, without consuming data!

20.   How do I delete a song I downloaded?
In downloads, you enter from the menu and there you can choose in the options if you want to delete the song.

21.   Can I add the same song several times to a playlist?
No, you can only add once to appear repeatedly and do not miss quota of songs in your playlist.

22.   Can I share the music I am listening to?
Yes, you can share songs, playlist, albums through social networks, email and WhatsApp.

23.   How do I create a playlist?
You enter the menu and select playlists; there you will find the option to create playlists. Or select one song and select Add to Playlist and that will also give you the option to create a new playlist. This can only be done if you have a Premium subscription.

24.   How do I follow a playlist?
You simply click on "Continue" under the title of the selected Playlist.

25.   How do I change the name of a playlist?
In the playlist options, you will find the Rename button.

26.   Other users can follow my playlist?
Yes, all users can follow the playlist created by yourself. The more followers you have the more chances of finding your playlist in the spaces featured as "Popular playlists"

27.   Can I modify a playlist that I am following?
No, you cannot change it unless it was created by yourself.

28.   How much music can I download?
The amount of music you can download depends on the storage capacity of your device. Downloaded music will be in the application; this cannot be copied to other devices and can only be listen while you have an active subscription.

29.   What should I do if I cannot download music or listen?
Check your Internet connection and try to see if you are connected to a network or you have good data.

30.    Does it have an additional cost to download music?
No, downloading music for offline listening does not have extra cost.

31.   Can I listen indefinitely the music I download?
Yes, during the period of your subscription. At the end of the period, you must renew your subscription to continue to listen to your downloaded songs.

32.   If I do not have internet, can I hear downloads?
Yes. The application will ask you in the next 48 hours to connect to a network to check your user and can continue enjoying d’Music.

33.   Can I delete songs from a playlist created by me?
Yes. You must select on the options for the song and click on Delete Song.

34.   Can I recover a deleted playlist?
No. If you delete a playlist, make sure you want to do it because it cannot be recovered once deleted.


35. Promotion start and end date?
Starts 12th Feb, 2021 and ends on the 12th March, 2021.