Pick and Win

More Prizes to win this christms when you play pick and win!


This Christmas, Choose More With Digicel


More Prizes? Check. More Ways to Win?

Check! This Christmas, play our brand-new Pick & Win game in the MyDigicel app.

Simply pick a gift box on your screen and claim your instant prize. It’s that simple.


(Users must have an active Prime Plus Bundle to play Pick & Win)




How To Pick & Win

Must Have The MyDigicel App Installed

Pick A Box

Select from one of three boxes

Claim Your Gift

Get Your Christmas Gift On Us

Keep It Or Gift It

Choice Is Yours! Start Enjoying

Any Questions?

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As part of our Christmas campaign, the Digicel Christmas “Pick & Win and Grand Draw Raffle” Promotion (the “Promotion”) which allows My Digicel App (the “App”) users to unlock boxes to win prizes once a qualified activity is completed. Upon completing these activities, participants will also receive entries into our Grand Draw Raffle to win even more prizes.


a.    PICK & WIN Daily – activate any Prime Bundle for a chance to Pick and Win a prize on the day of activation for prepaid subscribers in the MyDigicel App (the “App”).


b.    PICK and WIN GRAND DRAW RAFFLE – everyday on a data plan gives you an entry into the Grand Prize Draw. The more Prime Plus Bundles you activate the more entries you will earn.  Grand Prize include 2022 Kia Seltos with 1 year Insurance.

The Promotion starts on November 18, 2022 and ends January 13, 2023 (The "Promotional Period"). 

The following persons are eligible to participate in Pick & Win. 


a.  Digicel GSM (Mobile) Prepaid customers; and 

b.  Digicel GSM (Mobile) Postpaid customers. 

The Promotion will be introduced in the MyDigicel App. Follow the steps below to participate:


Pick and Win Daily (Prepaid Only)

Step 1: Activate a 3 Day or Higher Prime Plus Bundle.

Step 2: Upon activating a Prime Plus Bundle, you will get instant access to “Pick & Win” in the App. You will also receive raffle entries based on the Prime Plus Bundle activated.  For example, if you activated a 7-Day Prime Plus Bundle, you will receive 7 entries into to Grand Prize Raffle Draw.

Step 3: Participate in Pick & Win in the App by picking the box of your choice. You must “Pick & Win” on the same day that you activated your Prime Plus Bundle (up until midnight) to participate. You have a 50:50 chance of winning a prize.

Step 4: Redeem or gift your prize.

Step 5: Track your points and raffle entries in the App or UMM.


Pick and Win Weekly (Guaranteed Wins for Prepaid and Postpaid Customers)

Once you are on an active Prime Plus Bundle (Prepaid or Postpaid) you can access the Pick and Win promo in the MyDigicel App and select a box to win a prize. Every customer selecting a box will win a prize. Prizes include Data, Discounts on Prime Plus Bundles, Ham, Tukey, Wine, Smartphones (Samsung A03 and DL4), Cash, Grocery & Gas vouchers. 

Grand Prize Raffle Draw

One winner will be selected from the entries generated from activating Prime Plus Bundles (prepaid) or paying your bill on time and infull (postpaid). This will be done on January 9th 2023.

Participants will be limited to three (3) wins per day. When you participate in Pick & Win on the day of activating your Prime Bundle, you are not guaranteed to win a prize. However, participants of Pick & Win can enjoy a “Guaranteed Win Day” weekly (subject to these Terms). Guaranteed ‘Win Days’ will be on Wednesdays. Each participant participating in Pick & Win on a Wednesday will receive a prize.