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Family abroad can send you credit from a store, online or from the top-up app

In addition to voice and data plans, Digicel offers a number of fun and useful additional services to enhance your mobile experience. Get the most out of Digicel services and enjoy personalisation and convenience right from your mobile device.

Digicel’s voicemail service is easy to use, fast to access and checking messages is FREE from your Digicel mobile phone.

Your 24-hour answering service will automatically take a message for you when your phone is in use, switched off or when you simply can’t answer.

To access voicemail, dial 123 and follow the prompts.

The first time you access your voicemail you will be asked to personalize it with your name and password. Let your friends know they have reached the right person by personalizing your voicemail with your name! 

The first time you dial this number from a land line you will be asked to enter your password. The default password is 1234; we recommend you change this password.

If you have forgotten your password, please call Customer Care on 100 from your Digicel mobile phone.