Digicel Play is now …. DIGICEL!

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Digicel Play is now …. DIGICEL!


November 3rd 2017: Digicel Montserrat - Digicel is advising that its home entertainment service, formerly known as Digicel Play, has been rebranded as Digicel.

This is all a part of our global 2030 transformation programme which sees us streamlining all our products and services under one single powerful brand as a total communications and entertainment provider to deliver better value, service and innovation to you. 

So what does this mean for you? Our transition is a seamless rebrand with no impact to customers - meaning you will still continue enjoying the ultimate home entertainment via superior internet speeds, compelling content and the best TV experience from Montserrat’s only true fibre network.

And while we’re streamlining and simplifying things, our transition also means that the purple color that is usually synonymous with Digicel Play will over time be changed to Digicel’s signature red.

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank you, our valued customers, for your support and reaffirm our commitment to continue building on the improvements and investments we have made to our business over the years to deliver a superior experience to everyone.


Digicel Play is now …. DIGICEL!