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1. What is Credit Advance?

Digicel's Credit Advance service allows prepaid customers an opportunity to request credit (airtime) in advance and pay for it later. This service will also attract a service fee for request sent. 

2. How does Credit Advance work?

Customers will be able to borrow up to a maximum amount of ECD 3.00. Airtime borrowed will also attract a ECD 0.30 fee. To borrow credit, the customer would be required to dial *139# to activate the service.

Customers will only be able to send only one request at a time and would be required to clear any outstanding balances before they are able to request another.

Credit sent using Credit U cannot be used to repay the service fee, however customers may use all other Top Up methods for repayments.

The Bonus credit (scratch cards) will not be applied as a repayment.

For example: If a customer has an outstanding borrow balance of ECD 3 ($3 amount + $0.30 fee) and attempts to top up with a bonus card then the transaction will fail.

3. Will customers require a minimum amount of credit on their account to access a Credit Advance?

No. Customers will be able to send requests regardless of their account balance.

4. How do customers sign up or request a Credit Advance?

Customers may dial *139# and follow the instructions that will appear in the form of a text message.

5. How long will the Credit Advance service be offered?

The Credit Advnace service is an ongoing product that is available to prepaid customers.

Digicel reserves the right at any time, with or without notice, to vary the terms and conditions or to withdraw Credit Advance service.

6. How do customers check their Credit Advance balance?

Customers will be able to check their Credit Advance balance via the *120#. The credit balance will be reflected as "0.01 ECD" up to "3.00 ECD" which indicates the amount owed while using the service.


7. How do customers repay their Credit Advance?

Customers can repay their Credit Advance, on the next Top Up(s) made after the borrow amount is received; the Top Up will repay the service fee and the amount owed. If there is a balance remaining from the Top Up then this amount will be applied to the customer's account.

If the amount topped up is less than the owed amount then the Top Up will repay the service fee and part of the owed amount while the account stays in negative e.g. "0.30 ECD".

8. If a customer makes a partial payment on an outstanding Credit Advance will they be able to make another request to borrow credit?

No. Customers must repay all outstanding amounts before being able to make another request or continue using the service during it's 24 hour period.

9. Can a customer’s borrowed amount be repaid with credit that was on their account prior to a Top Up?

No. Only recharge amounts can be used towards repayments.

10. Will customers be able to request a Credit Advance while roaming?

No. Unfortunately customers will not be able to use the Credit Advance service while roaming. This service can only be used locally.

However, if the customer Tops up while roaming and they are in debt, the borrowed amount will be deducted from the Top Up amount.

11. Are there any restrictions for the use of the credit received from a Credit Advance request?

Yes. Customers will be able to:

  • Call local on-network mobile and fixed line, off-network mobile and fixed line and internationals numbers (USA/Canada mobile & UK landline) and Caribbean territories.
  • Credit Advance cannot be used for data plan activations.

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