Digicel Launches Top Up and Shop

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Digicel, the leading telecommunications provider in St. Lucia has  launched yet another new and exciting promotion for its valued customers, “Top Up and Shop!” This Supermarket sweep promotion will provide Digicel customers with a chance to win one of ten Supermarket Shopping Sprees valued at $1,500 each with five customers selected in September and the remaining five in October. To qualify, prepaid customers simply need to top up with $10 or more and postpaid customers simply pay their bill in full by the 26th. 

The “Top Up and Shop” Supermarket Sweep promotion promises to be  very exciting as winning customers will be given one minute to sweep the supermarket for groceries totaling $1,500 in value. Customers will be asked 5 questions to gain extra time for the shopping spree. For every correct answer the customer will receive 30 seconds.  Customers who top up with $10 or pay their bills by the 26th will also be given a chance to win weekly shopping vouchers to range of stores including, Verdict, Kaycees, Payless, Access, Sea Island Cotton Shop and loads more.  Digicel has also extended the promotion to its valued resellers and will provide four Digicel resellers with the chance to be winners of a $1,500 Supermarket sweep, based on their increase in monthly sales.

On Saturday September 12, Digicel will be taking this fun promotion to the community of Anse La Raye at the community square where residents will all get a chance to win big from DOUBLE Top up, free credit, giveaways, shopping and grocery vouchers and more.  Team Digicel will also be present with handsets and 4G smartphones sales for residents.

Marketing and Communications Executive at Digicel, Louise Victor who spoke at the promotion media’s launch at GL Foods Supermarket, on Friday September 1th1 said “At Digicel we believe in being innovative in our product and promotions offerings, while still meeting the needs of our customers. The economic benefit ‘Top and Shop’ has for any customer is simply incredible; imagine topping up only $10 and to then receive a call with the awesome news that you have won $1,500 worth of groceries? Exhilarating, isn’t it?” 

At Digicel we always promise to deliver the best in value to all our customers and ‘Top Up and Shop’ Supermarket Sweep is just another way of delivering on that promise.” 

Digicel encourages all customers to take advantage of this new promotion for their chance to win a $1,500 Supermarket Shopping Spree at GL Foods Supermarket.




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Digicel Launches Top Up and Shop