More Ways To Win Shake to Win FAQ

More Ways To Win Shake to Win FAQ




1.     What is the My Digicel “More Ways to Win Christmas 2021” Promotion?

Digicel is offering its Shake It Christmas Promotion with additional opportunities to shake and win by participating in the “More Ways to Win” challenges. Digicel prepaid and Postpaid mobile customers may participate in the “More Ways to Win Christmas Promotion” subject to these terms and conditions. The Promotion allows you to:

A.     SHAKE IT - win prizes by shaking your phone via the Shake It gaming mechanism in the My Digicel App ( the “App”);  and

B.     MORE WAYS TO WIN – receive additional opportunities for chances to Shake It and win prizes through the completion of specified challenges on Prime Bundle Apps (D’Music, BiP, Billo, GoLoud, PlayGo, Loop, and SportsMax).


2.     What is the Promotional Period for the Promotion?

The Promotion is valid from November 18, 2021 to January 8, 2022 (the “Promotional Period”).



3.     Who is eligible to enter the Promotion (an “Eligible Customer”)?

In order to be eligible for the Promotion, you must be a Digicel customer with an active Digicel prepaid and/or Postpaid bundle or plan from the selection of “Eligible Plans” as defined below. This includes customers who activate a new Eligible Plan during the promotional period as well as customers on an existing Eligible Plan. You are also required to have the My Digicel App downloaded.


4.      Which Digicel prepaid/postpaid bundles/plans are included in the Promotion?

The Digicel Prime Bundles and all the plans listed below are eligible for the Promotion (collectively, the “Eligible Plans”).       


Plan name

Plan name


Prime 14 day Just4U Bundle7

Prime PLUS 1 Day

Prime 14 day Just4U Bundle4

Prime PLUS 3 Day



Prime VIP 30 Day

Prime VIP 5 Day

Prime 30 day Just4U Bundle1


Prime 30 day Just4U Bundle2

Prime PLUS 7 Day

Prime 30 day Just4U Bundle3

Prime VIP 10 Day

Prime 30 day Just4U Bundle4

Prime 14 day Just4U Bundle1

Prime 30 day Just4U Bundle7

Prime 14 day Just4U Bundle5

Prime 30 day Just4U Bundle5

Prime 14 day Just4U Bundle6

Prime 30 day Just4U Bundle8

Prime 14 day Just4U Bundle8

Prime 30 day Just4U Bundle6

Prime 14 day Just4U Bundle2

Prime More

Prime 14 day Just4U Bundle3

Prime Extra

Prime Max




Plan name

Plan name

Prime More

Prime Max + Fiber 150 (Member)

Prime Extra Individual

Prime Extra + Fiber 100(Member)

Prime Max Individual

Prime Max + Fiber 100

Prime  Extra (Member)

Prime Max + Fiber 150

Prime VIP Single

Prime Max + Fiber 100 (Member)

Prime MAX (Member)

Prime Extra + Fiber 50

Prime VIP Family(Member)

Prime Extra + Fiber 50 (Member)

Prime + Fibre 100

Prime Extra + Fiber 75(Member)

Prime + Fibre 150

Prime Max + Fiber 75 (Member)

Home Prime More 25

Prime Max + Fiber 75

Prime + Fibre 50

Prime Max + Fiber 50 (Member)

Prime + Fibre 75

Prime Extra + Fiber 75

Prime Extra + Fiber 100

Prime Extra + Fiber 150

Prime Max + Fiber 50



5.     Will customers be notified when to participate in Promotion?

Yes. During the Promotional Period, on Saturdays and other promotional days as Digicel may choose, customers will be notified about the “Guaranteed Win” shake available.


6.      How does the Promotion work?

Step 1: To participate in the Promotion, you can do one of the following actions:

a.     Buy a Prime Bundle;

b.     Top up your mobile device $25 or more;

c.     Pay your Digicel bill in Full & on time

d.     Activate an Eligible Plan (either via the My Digicel App, via the Digicel website of St. Lucia, or by dialling the USSD/UMM code *140#)

Step 2: The Eligible Customer will receive a “Shake It” notification inviting them to participate in the Promotion. The customer then confirms their participation in the Promotion by clicking on the “Shake It” notification and accepting these Terms.

Step 3: Once an Eligible Customer agrees to participate in the promotion and is prompted to “Shake It” that Eligible Customer must shake their phone while in the My Digicel App to win.

Step 4: The Eligible Customer will receive a notification indicating whether they have won a prize or not. Prizes may or may not be able to be traded or gifted. Prizes that cannot be traded or gifted are automatically applied to the account of the winner. For prizes that are presented in a list of rewards, winners will have twenty-four (24) hours to select one or more of the following options, depending on the prize won:

a.     Redeem – If the winner would like to keep the default prize won, it may be redeemed immediately.

b.     Trade – If the winner would like to trade the prize for another one, the list is available for the selection of a different available prize.

c.     Gift – If the winner would prefer to give a prize to another person as a gift, they may do so by selecting this option and providing the contact details of that person.

If it is not redeemed, traded or gifted within the twenty-four (24) hour window, it will be automatically redeemed and applied to the winner’s account.


7.     What are the chances of winning?

The Promotion includes a “Guaranteed Win” (subject to these Terms) on Saturdays and other special promotional days, and “More Chances to Win” on any other day. Every Saturday during the Promotional Period, participating Eligible Customers who complete the “Shake It” action in the My Digicel App must receive a prize.

8.     What prizes can I win?

There are two (2) different types of prizes that may be offered to you in the event of a win: “Digital Prizes” and “Non-Digital Prizes”.  Each defined below.


“Digital Prizes” include the following subcategories of prizes, these can typically be used immediately after choosing and may be available to gift:


Prize Subcategory


 Digital Bundle

Premium access and data allowance for the 7 Digital Services below

Any Use Data

An allowance of data that you can use for anything on your Smartphone

International Talk

An allowance of minutes to call USA, Canada and UK (UK landlines only)

Digicel Talk

An allowance of minutes to call Digicel to Digicel

Digicel Prime Bundle Credit

Bonus credit towards purchase of our new Digicel Prime Bundles.


The Promo Digital Bundle includes premium access and a data allowance that can be used with the following digital services (apps):

1.     PlayGo

5. Billo

2.     GoLoud


3.     D’Music

7. Loop

4.     BiP



Find out more about these apps and our Digicel Prime Bundles on our website here;


Digicel Prime Bundle Discounts may become available during the Promotional Period, with discounts of varying percentages for specific durations on selected Digicel Prime Bundles.  If you select a discount prize, the benefit will apply on your next purchase or renewal of the specific named bundle.  The discount cannot be applied to a different bundle, e.g. a discount on a 7-day bundle may not be applied to a 3-day bundle.  You may have multiple discount prizes available and active at the same time if they are for different Digicel Prime Bundles.


“Non-Digital Prizes” are prizes that would typically need to be collected from a location designated by Digicel and may be included as prizes in the Promotion, with notifications of the same via social media and/or other Digicel communications.  Examples of Non-Digital Prizes include cash, LTE smartphones, gift vouchers with a Digicel partner and entry tickets to our offline raffle.


9.     How are Digital Prizes redeemed, traded or gifted?

a.     Digital Prizes will be automatically allocated immediately to winners who choose to redeem. There is no need to activate by USSD code or other activation method.

b.     If a winner chooses to trade one of these rewards for another on the list, the selected reward will also be a Digital Prize.

c.     These prizes are available to be used from the time of allocation (within any specified usage period) and expire as per the validity period of the Eligible Plan.

d.     Digital Prizes that have been redeemed, but not used, will expire and there will be no carry over or refund, except for Shake It Digital Bundles (as per rollover terms).

e.     If the winner chooses to gift a reward to another person, a gift list will be regenerated for a selection to be made and the Digicel phone number of the recipient must be provided. Please note that the recipient may only receive rewards which are compatible with their device and Digicel service. If the recipient is unable to receive the prize, you will be notified. Successful gifted rewards will be automatically allocated to the recipient who will also receive a notification of same.

f.      Any usage after the specified usage period or after the reward is depleted, will be billed at the customer’s applicable price plan rates, taken from the main data allowance or charged from the customer’s Digicel credit.



10.  Can I activate a Digicel Prime Bundle if I have already redeemed and activated a Digital Prize?

Yes. The Digital Prizes, including the “Shake It Digital Bundles” (a Digital Prize that rewards Eligible Customers with data which they can use across all Prime Bundle Apps) are all compatible with our other plans and bundles and may be active at the same time.



11.  How can I check the balance on my Digital Prizes?

You can check your balance at any time in the My Digicel App.



12.  Can my Shake It Digital Bundle rollover?

Yes. Any outstanding data balance at the end of the applicable period will remain valid until midnight on the day plan expires. If customer wins another Digital reward before midnight, the remaining unused bundle rolls over to the new reward validity.





13.  What do I need to enter for More Ways to Win??

For customers participating through More Ways to Win, you will need to have the My Digicel App downloaded as well as an active Digicel prepaid or postpaid number. Your number must be associated with the login credentials of all of the Prime Bundle Apps (D’Music, GoLoud, Loop, PlayGo, SportsMax, BiP and Billo) and the My Digicel App.


14.  Will customers be notified when to participate in Promotion?

Yes. On any day except a Guaranteed Win day, when a Customer activates an Eligible Plan, they will also receive a notification that they are eligible for the “More Chances to Win” shake.

15.  How does the Promotion work?

Step 1: Click the “Shake It” Icon in the My Digicel App then click on the “More ways to Win” section OR visit our Social Media pages to see the specified activities required for that day in each of the “Prime Bundle Apps” (D’Music, BiP, Billo, GoLoud, PlayGo, Loop, and SportsMax).

Step 2: Perform a specified activity before 11:59 p.m. on each day of the Promotional Period in any of the “Prime Bundle Apps” to receive one (1) point.

Step 3: You will be able to “Shake It’ depending on your total points accumulated by midnight (12am) on each day of the Promotion. Eligible customers will only be able to “Shake It” once per day. Check the App frequently to see your points standing.

The Shake is granted the following morning at approximately 8AM and it will be confirmed via SMS. If the Customer does not use the “Shake It” reward before 11:59 p.m. on the day it is granted, they will lose the opportunity to use it.

Step 4: Once awarded with a Bronze, Silver or Gold Shake, Eligible Customers can redeem their “Shake It” in a period of twenty-four (24) hours. The “Shake It” cannot be redeemed after the twenty-four (24) hours period has expired.

Points needed for each Badge:


Points Required













16.  What are the chances of winning?

On any day except a Guarantee Win day, Eligible Customers using the My Digicel App have a 50% chance of winning a prize.



17.  What prizes can I win?

Digital Prizes: These may or may not be able to be gifted to another person and may be redeemed and used immediately after winning. They are categorized as Bronze, Silver or Gold prizes and include:

    Digital Prize

Prize pool

$3 Bonus credit


1GB Digital Apps access


500 MB any use data


3GB Digital Apps access


1 GB any use data


7GB Digital Apps access



Please note that unless a data prize states that is it for “Any Use”, data prizes, including Shake It Digital Bundles, may only be used for the following mobile applications:

1. PlayGo

5. Billo

2. GoLoud

6. SportsMax

3. D’Music

7. Loop

4. BiP



18.  Who cannot participate in the Promotion?

The following customers are excluded from participating in the Promotion:

a.     Postpaid Corporate & Business account customers;

b.     FTTH only customers; and

c.     Postpaid customers with overdue amounts.



19.  Can I participate in the Promotion while roaming?

This Promotion is not accessible while roaming.


20.  How many times can I win?

The maximum number of wins per Eligible Customer is one (1) per day for both Shake It and More Ways to Win. An Eligible Customer can win a regular Shake It and still qualify for More Ways to Win on the same day.


21.  How will Eligible Customers be notified if they have received a prize?

Winners and gift recipients will be notified via SMS, push or in-app notification. A confirmation notification is also sent if the Eligible Customer is unsuccessful.



22.  Can I activate more than one Free International Minutes Plan?

Yes. You may subscribe to multiple plans for free international minutes for both Shake It and More Ways to win.


23.  How are Other Prizes redeemed?

a.     Upon winning a prize in this category, the winner will receive a notification including:

(i)     A voucher with a picture of the prize (for illustrative purposes only);

(ii)    A description of the prize with a QR code; and

(iii)  A telephone number to contact Digicel to arrange prize collection.  

b.     Customers MUST contact Digicel on the number provided within 24 hours of the notification being issued or the prize may be forfeited.

c.     Once the winner has contacted Digicel and is validated, their prize will be made available for collection from: Digicel Store at the Baywalk Mall or arranged to be delivered at one of our locations on the outskirts.

d.     Customers are encouraged to collect their prize within two (2) trading days (Monday to Friday) and are required to collect their prize within fourteen (14) days from the issue date of the notification of the prize win or the prize will be forfeited.

e.     Other Prizes may not be gifted or traded for cash or another product. 

f.      Digicel reserves the right to award any forfeited prizes to another Eligible Customer and to substitute Other Prizes where reasonably required.

g.     Warranty and support information will be included in product packaging.


24.   What will winners need to present in order to claim Other Prizes?

Winners must present a valid Government issued photo ID (passport, voter’s identification card or driver’s licence) and the phone used to participate in the Promotion with the provided QR code. The winner will be required to complete and sign a redemption form confirming their receipt of the prize and a Consent and Release Form authorizing the use of their picture (where they chose to do so) on Social Media.