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High Life with Prime Life

High Life with Prime Life 

High Life with Prime Life Promotion FAQs


1.     How can I participate in this promotion?

You can participate in the Promotion if you are a Digicel customer and qualify by:

·       Activating any Digicel Prime Bundle

·       Upgrade your Postpaid account to a Postpaid Prime Bundle

·       Have the Digicel Entertainment Apps (D’Music, SportsMax, GoLoud, PlayGo) and My Digicel

·       Become a new Digicel Customer (purchase a sim or port over)


2.     What do I win?

Qualifying customers have a chance to win $1500. 


3.     How many winners will there be?

There will be four (4) winners of $1500 monthly. One winner from each qualifying element.


4.     Will I be notified if I win?

Yes. Winners will be called by the Digicel Marketing Team to alert them that they have won.


5.     What is the Promotion duration?

The Promotion runs from Feb 15th 2021 to March 31st, 2021


6.     How many Winners will there be for the Promotion?

There will be eight (8) winners. Four winners in February and Four winners in March.


7.     How can I activate a Digicel Prime Bundle?

You can activate a Digicel Prime Bundle via the My Digicel App or by dialing *140#


8.     How do I upgrade to a Postpaid Prime Bundle?

You can upgrade your Postpaid Account at any Digicel Location.


9.     How many times can I win?

Customers can qualify as many times as they want but can only win once.


10.  Where can I find the My Digicel Apps?

All Digicel apps can be found in your preferred App Store.


11.  What do I need to port my number over to Digicel?

To port your number to Digicel customers need a valid photo ID and to ensure their handset is unlocked to accommodate the new sim card. Postpaid customers must also ensure their account is up to date.


12.  What is the cost of a new Digicel sim card?

A Digicel sim costs $10 EC.


13.  The apps that qualify you for this promotion what do they do?

The apps needed to qualify for this promotion are as follows:

·       SportsMax – Digicel’s app for all things Sports

·       D’Music – Digicel App for all things music

·       GoLoud – Digicel App for local radio stations and podcasts on the go

·       PlayGo – Digicel App for TV on the go

·       My Digicel App – Digicel Customer Care App to keep track of your account, topup, activate plans, check your balance, send credit and talk to an agent.


14.  Do I have to take a photo if I win?

Yes, winning customers would need to take a photo to claim winnings. If refused, Digicel reserves the right to select another customer to reward.