Digicel +

Frequently Asked Questions 

Digicel Plus FAQs

1. What is Digicel +?


Digicel+ is the Fastest and most reliable Home Fibre internet in St. Lucia that gives you MORE – More Power, More Speed and more to do the things you love to keep you, your family and your home connected.


2. What is Fibre?


Fibre internet or simply “Fibre,” is an internet connection over Fibre Optic Cable which is super reliable and allows for the highest speeds available up to 1Gbps connection which are available to telecommuters, gamers, multi-user households, and businesses.


3. Is this service available in all locations on the island?

Our Fibre service is available at the following locations:




Active Hill, Ban Anse Bay, Barnard Hill, Bisee, Bishop's Gap, Bocage, Calvary Road, Careille / Careille Gardens, Chase Gardens, Coolie Town, Ciceron, City Gate, Darling Road, Entrepot, Faux A Chaud, Ganther's Bay, Goodlands, Independence City, La Clery, Lower Morne Road, Marc, Marchand, Marigot (small parts), Millenium Highway, Morne Fortune (Belmar Lane), Point Seraphine, Sans Souci, Sarrot, Summersdale, Sunny Acres, Vide Bouitelle, Vigie, Peninsula, Waterworks Road, Tapion, Cul De Sac, Deglos , La Toc.


Gros Islet


A Sur Canal, Beausejour, Belair, Bella Rosa, Bois D'Orange, Bonair Bay, Bonneterre, Cap Estate, Cas En Bas, Caye Manje, , Choc, Corinth, ,Degazon, Desbarras, Desrameaux, East Winds, Emerald Development-Corinth, Fond Assou, Boguis, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet, La Borne, La Feuille, La Guerre, La Retraitre, Marisule, Massade, Monchy, Mongiraud, Monier, Morne Serpent, Norbert Road- Corinth, Piat, Plateau, Reduit, Reduit Orchard, Riverstone, Rodney Heights, Stony Hill, Talvern, Trouya, Vieux Sucrieux, White Rock.




Baron's Drive – Soufriere, Fond Benier, New Development -Soufriere, Palmiste, Soufriere, Bouton.


Vieux Fort


Augier, Black Bay, Cantonement, Derriere Morne, Fond Doux, La Ressource , La Tourney, Moulin Vent, St. Jude's Highway.


4. How do I know if Fibre is available in my area?


You can contact 106, 1758-724-3884, visit our live chat via the My Digicel App, look out for our agents in your area and stay connected with us on social media.


5. How do I sign up for the Digicel + service?


- Visit any one of our retail outlets; Bay Walk Mall in Rodney Bay, Experience Store in the William Peter Boulevard and the Corporate Office in Vieux Fort.


- Our customer care chat agents via live chat on the My Digicel App ➢ Look out for our sales agents in your community.


- Reach out to our customer care agents via 106 or 1758-724-3884 between 8:00am and 8:00pm.


6. How long does it take for installation after signup?


The installation process is between 24-72 hours (about 3 days).


7. If I would like to reschedule an installation, what number should I call?


Contact your sales agent, reach out to customer care via 106 or 1758-724-3884 or via live chat on the My Digicel App.


8. What packages are available? Digicel+ provides the best and fastest speeds on the Island. 



9. When are my bills due?


Bills are due on the 3rd of the subsequent month, for example April’s bill is due on the 3 rd of May. A late fee charge of $5.00 is applied three days after the due date, if a payment is not posted. Disconnection takes effect on the 12th of the month.


10. How or where do I make payments once I have the service?


Payments can be made at all the below locations or mediums



11. Can I check my balance before making a payment?


Absolutely! You can use the My Digicel App to verify the balance on your account or contact customer care at 106 or 1758-724-3884 today and an agent will assist


12. How do I download the My Digicel App?


The My Digicel App can be downloaded via Google Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile device (call 106 or 1758-724-3884 for sign up assistance)


13. My Bill is higher than expected


Your monthly fiber invoice subscription is a standard fee. However, when you receive your first invoice it will reflect a prorated charge dependent on the installation date of your service for the first month and your full subscription for the second month.


14. I made a payment via SurePay/bank, but I can no longer access the internet.


Third party payments are processed within 72 business hours (weekends are not counted as business days).


15. SurePay said my account number no longer exists, why is that?


There may be an issue with the account number, and we recommend that you contact our customer care team for assistance. (reference question 27 for customer care number)


16. What are the requirements to qualify for temporary reconnection

Here are the requirements:

1. Only the account holder is allowed to request a temporary reconnection

2. Temporary reconnection cannot be consecutive

3. You can be granted three (3) discretionary temporary reconnections a year 3. Only one (1) outstanding bill should be on the account at the time of the temporary reconnection request


17. If I would like to do a transfer, is this possible?


Yes, transfer of service is available. (Please visit our stores or contact customer care for further assistance)


18. What do I do if I need to change the name on my account?


- Both parties can visit the store with valid ID

- If only one party can visit the store, then an authorization letter and a copy of a valid ID from the absent party is required


19. Is there a fee if the technicians have to visit my house for repairs?


No, this service is offered complimentary at this time.


20. Is there a fee for cancelation?


If you are requesting termination of the service, all outstanding balances should be paid in full before disconnection can occur.


21. What is Disney+


Disney + is a subscription video streaming service that allows you to stream your favorite content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and more all from your mobile devices.


22. How do I access Disney + with my Digicel + subscription?

To access and activate Disney+, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Download the Disney plus Application form the play store or apple app store.

Step 2 - Open the My Digicel App and ensure that your Home Fibre account is selected.

Step 3 - Select the hamburger menu and scroll to the Bottom until the Disney+ Icon is seen

Step 4 - You are now on the Disney+ 'create account page' Select 'Activate Subscription' to create an account with the email address and password of your choice.

Step 5 - Go to the Disney + application and log in with your new credentials.



23. How do I change my Wi-Fi password


- Open any internet browser and in the search tab type

- The Digicel webpage will display

- Enter the following Username: Digicel and Password: Digicel 

- Select the “WLAN” tab

- Type in your new password in the “WPA -PreSharedKey” tab

- When you have completed your changes, scroll to the bottom and hit “Apply”


24. My internet is not working, and I am not sure why.

Here are a few at home troubleshooting steps:


- Verify that your account is up to date by using the My Digicel App

- Verify if all cables are connected to the correct ports on the modem – insert hyperlink for connection

- Verify if the modem is receiving power

- Restart your modem by press the power button to the back or the modem or disconnect from the power source until all light on the box goes off

- If the issue persists, please contact our customer care department for further assistance whilst near the modem.


25. My Wi-Fi is slow/ keeps disconnecting?


Restart your modem and if the issue persists, please contact our customer care department for further assistance. How far are you to your modem? Distance could be a factor, restart doesn’t work please contact customer care, try other devices within the home, deleting the WiFi device and enter it again.


26. How can I get internet TV?


Currently we don’t offer internet TV, however internet TV with high speeds is available on our Disney + , YouTube and any other reliable streaming service.


27. Where can I get more information on Digicel +?


You can get more information by doing the following: 1. Visit Digicel St. Lucia’s Website at Experience Simply More at Home | Digicel+ Saint Lucia (digicelgroup.com) . 2. Visit our retail stores at Baywalk, the Boulevard, Vieux Fort, Soufriere. 3. Dial 106 or 100 from a Digicel handset. 4. Call 17587243884 from a landline or other service provider (call charges apply)