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What is the “FA3/3 SMS” promotion about?

The FA3/3 SMS promotion provides Digicel prepaid customers with FREE SMS to local Digicel numbers.

How do I qualify for the FA3/3 SMS Promotion?

Digicel Prepaid subscribers simply send 3 chargeable local Digicel SMS and receive the next 3 SMS for FREE.

How many times can I continue this process?

As long as Digicel prepaid subscribers send 3 chargeable SMS, the next 3 SMS is FREE. Prepaid subscribers can repeat the process as many times as they would like.

Will my FREE SMS be affected if I send an International or Other Mobile SMS?

FREE SMS will remain unaffected whether or not International or Other

Mobile SMS is sent.

If I have enough credit to send exactly 3 SMS, will I still receive 3 FREE SMS?

If a Digicel prepaid subscriber has the exact amount required to send 3 SMS, then the customer will receive the next 3 SMS FREE.

How will I know if I qualify for FA3/3 SMS promotion?

Prepaid customers will receive SMS notification on the 1st and 3rd chargeable

Local Digicel SMS sent.

o   1st SMS sent: “Send 2 more text messages today & get the next 3 Digicel to Digicel texts sent today FREE. Saving you $1.80!”

o   3rd SMS sent: “Congrats, you sent 3 text messages today so the next 3 Digicel to Digicel texts you send today will be FREE! Saving you $1.80!”

Am I able to participate while roaming?

Customers who are roaming will NOT be able to participate in the FA3/3 promotion since it is a local promotion.




 Promotion is available ONLY to Digicel Prepaid customers.

Promotion is available from 22 December 2015.

Digicel Prepaid subscribers MUST send 3 on-net SMS in order to receive 3 FREE SMS.

  FREE SMS can ONLY be used for Digicel on-net numbers.


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Free After 3 SMS