Digicel Home Internet

Fibre To The Home

Welcome To The World Of Fibre!

Digicel Fibre optics technology will allow your online experience to be faster, secure and more reliable than regular broadband, rain or shine!

With Fibre To The Home, You Get:

✔ Super-Fast Home Fibre Speeds

✔ Starting Price Just For The Home

✔ Hassle-Free Sign Up

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Call 1-758-731-2000 or 1-758-728-3400 or 106 from a Digicel mobile for more details.

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*Once you have completed the sign up form a Customer Service Representative will contact you concerning your service options. Your location will allow us to determine whether the most reliable fibre network on island is available in your area.





Plan Price (XCD)
( VAT Inc.)
Download Upload Data Allowance
Home Fibre 25 $101.25 25 5 unlimited
Home Fibre 50 $151.88 50 20 unlimited
Home Fibre 80 $180.00 80 40 unlimited
Home Fibre 100 $202.50 100 60 unlimited

Home Fibre Packages

Home Fibre Packages

Home Fibre Packages