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Switchable Summer Savings!


This promotion aims to celebrate the beginning of the summer season in the Cayman Islands by giving customers the chance to win a share of 24,000 KYD. Digicel is offering all customers a chance to win 1 of 10, 2400 KYD cash prize throughout the period June 21, 2023 to July 30th, 2023

To be eligible for the promotion , you must do one of the following activities:

               Prepaid subscribers must:

                       .  purchases a prime plan

                       . top up $20or more for the month 

              Postpaid subscribers must :

                      . signup to any plan

                      . pay your bill in full and on- time 

You will gain automatic entry if you do any of the following



Buy any Prime Bundle



Pay your Postpaid bill on time and in full


New Customer

Switch to a Digicel Prepaid or Postpaid Sim and Service

There are 10 prizes of $2,400.

There will be 2 winners weekly throughout the campaign period.

The promotion is valid from June 21 through July 28, 2023. Two winners will be selected every Sunday and contacted the following Monday.

If you are a lucky winner, Digicel will call you each Monday of the promotional period.


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