Switching Your Number

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Digicel is making it easy for you to say “I SWITCHED”.

Simply fill in your details and a member of our team will take you through everything you need to do to say, "I SWITCHED."

If you have already switched, then you are joining Anya, Peter, Daphene, Jonathan below  - and many others who have made the smart switch.


Start Your Switch TODAY!

We Made the Switch!

Anya, Newlands

I was fed up of paying my bill every month and getting nothing in return. Now I get air miles, cinema tickets and discounts at my favorite restaurants. 

Jonathan, George Town

I was tired of burning through my bundle on Facebook and WhatsApp. Now I get social media included in my plan. Click below to hear my story.

Peter, Red Bay

I was getting frustrated at running out of data. Digicel offered me unlimited data for the first 3 months so I could work out just how much data I need.

Switching Your Number