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1. What are Call Diverts? 

A call divert is a feature provided by Digicel that allows voice calls sent to a phone number to be diverted to another phone number.

2. Why would I want to set diverts? 

The main reason diverts are used is to allow you to leave a message if you miss a call. This means that diverts are usually set to your voicemail. Another reason is if you know you won't be near your cell phone and you want your calls to go to another number that you will be closer to.

3. What types of diverts are there? 

There are four different diverts that you can set to your number, these are diverts for; 

  1. 'All Calls' - where your phone won't ring even if it is on, the call goes straight to the divert number.
  2. 'No Answer' - where the phone rings and no one answers, then diverts will be activated.
  3. 'Unreachable' - where the phone is off, malfunctioning or out of range, then diverts will be activated.
  4. 'Busy' - where the phone is being used and another call comes in. 

4. What is 'Call Waiting' and how does it affect diverts? 

Call Waiting is another feature provided by Digicel that allows you to be on two calls at once. When you are on a call and another one comes in, you will hear a beep and have the option to take that call even though you were already on a call. How this affects your diverts is that the diverts for busy calls won't occur unless you are on two calls and a third one comes in. To turn on the call Waiting feature dial *43# SEND and to deactivate Call Waiting dial #43# SEND from the main screen of your phone.

5. How do I activate/deactivate call diverts?   

A simple way to set diverts from your cell phone is to enter a few codes on the main screen of your phone just as if you were checking your credit balance. Please refer to table A in the sheet.

6. What is the voicemail number? 

Your voicemail number is 3800077. Therefore, if you want to set diverts to your voicemail, you will use the above codes with the voicemail number. E.g. **21*18763800077# SEND, is to activate voicemail diverts. It is important to note that you must place the 1 + area code before the number as it is possible to set diverts to other countries.


7. How do I check my voicemail? 

To check your voicemail, dial 123 from you Digicel phone in Cayman or 18763800000 while roaming from any phone. You must have a password active on your voicemail to access your voicemail while roaming.

8. Can I check my voicemail from another phone? 

Yes, however, it must be a landline phone and you must have a password activated on your voicemail. If no password is present the voicemail will become blocked. To check your voicemail from a landline dial 3800077 and you will be prompt to enter the cell phone number you wish to check the voicemail for.

9. What are the charges applied to the various divert services?

  1. To check your voicemail is free from your Digicel phone. 
  2. To check your voicemail is free from your Digicel phone once you were connected to the person. Therefore, if you are calling another Digicel phone then you are charged Digicel to Digicel rates once the voicemail message takes over the call.
  3. The cost for diverts to numbers other than your voicemail costs the same as calling that number. Therefore, If you set your diverts to an international number then you must have credit on your phone for an International call. 
  4. You will be charged per second so the longer the voicemail message; the more credit will be used.
  5. While roaming you are charged for checking and receiving voicemail messages. Therefore if your voicemail is active, your phone is off and someone calls and gets diverted to your voicemail, you will be charged.

10. How do I leave a voice message on someone’s phone? 

To leave a voicemail just call the person, if for some reason you do not get the person and their voicemail divert is active, you will be given the option to leave a message or hang up.

11. Can I access my voicemail while roaming? 

Yes, just call 18763800000 from any phone while roaming however; you must have a password active on your voicemail to access this feature.

12. What is a 'Who Called' message and when do I get one? 

The 'Who Called' message is a text message sent to your phone whenever someone calls you, gets the option to leave a voice message but doesn't leave one. If they had left a voicemail message you would have gotten a text message saying that you have a new voicemail, but instead you would get a message saying that you have a missed call with the number who called you being displayed. This service is free.

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VoiceMail and Diverts