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1. What is Digicel “Roam Like You’re Home” plan?

Digicel “Roam Like You're Home” service allows Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers travelling to the United States to benefit from calling and SMS rates as if they were in Cayman. Data rates are also significantly lower on this plan.

2. Who is the “Roam Like You’re Home” plan for?

The Roam like you’re Home plan is for both prepaid and postpaid mobile customers

3. How does “Roam Like You're Home” work?

The “Roam Like You're Home” plan is a roaming service that allows prepaid and postpaid customers to opt in to a specialized rate plan for a subscription fee while roaming in the USA and the Caribbean for a limited duration (30 days for postpaid, 7 days for prepaid) and is available only on the Digicel network in the Caribbean (excluding Guyana) and all networks in the USA and Canada. The subscription fee allows customers to access low usage rates for voice, texts and data.

Once you have opted in to this plan you will be charged the same rate for voice and SMS services as you would were you in Cayman and access significantly lower data charges of KYD 0.20 per mb. These reduced rates will be applicable for the full duration of the plan. Once the plan has expired, rates will revert to standard roaming rates.

The Roam Roam Like You're Home rates are same as home rates charged at per second billing.


4. What is the cost to register for the service?

The cost to register the service varies for prepaid and postpaid costumers it is as follows:

  • Prepaid – KYD 15 for the subscription period (7 Days)
  • Postpaid – KYD 35 for the subscription period (30 Days) - the Postpaid options is currently on offer with 50% off and will only cost KYD 17.50 for a 30 day period.

5. Do I have to activate the Roam like You’re Home plan before they roam?

Postpaid customers must activate before leaving by contacting Customer Care or visiting a retail store. However, prepaid customers can activate by dialling *143# and following the instructions.

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