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1. What is the ‘My Digicel’ App?

The ‘My Digicel’ app is currently available for Android devices via Google Play store, and Blackberry devices via Blackberry World. This app is FREE of cost. This app gives all Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers access to self-help features, allowing them to:

  • View Main Account balance.
  • View Bonus Account balance(s).
  • Purchase Data/Voice plans.
  • Send Credit via Credit U to friends and family.
  • Enable and disable Digicel More feature.
  • Access Digicel’s *137 How To Help Guide.

Note: This app may also be used via Wi-Fi. Once this app is downloaded, all sections of this app will be charge free EXCEPT the ‘What’s New’ section, which is subject to regular data charges.

2. What type of device can be used to access the ‘My Digicel’ App?

This app is available on Android devices with operating system version 2.3 or greater and Blackberry devices with operating system 5 or greater, excluding operating system 10.

3. How do I download and install the ‘My Digicel’ App?

The following are required to ensure a sucessful download of the Application:

  • Android Devices.
  • Go to Google Play Store, search for ‘My Digicel’ and select ‘Install’.
  • Click on ‘Download’ then ‘Accept & download’.
  • When download is completed, click on ‘Install’ then ‘Open’.
  • Blackberry Devices.
  • Go to Blackberry World, search for ‘My Digicel’ and select ‘Download’.
  • When Download is completed, click ‘Open’ to launch app.

4. Once the app is installed, how do I register?

On the Main Screen of the App, click on ‘Create a Digicel ID’

  • A ‘Digicel ID’ is your mobile number and password used to create a secure account with Digicel. It may be used to log in to applications.

such as your ‘MyDigicel’ account.

  • Enter the required fields (with an asterisk *)– ‘Country’ ,‘Mobile Number’, ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’.
  • ‘Email’ is optional.
  • Password must be at least six (6) characters.
  • ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ MUST match.
  • Click on ‘Create Account’.
  • Account will be successfully registered.

5. Am I able to register another mobile number?

Yes. When registering another mobile number, a verification code will be sent via SMS to that number. You MUST enter that verification code and Click on ‘Verify’ in order to proceed with registration.

6. How do I log into the ‘My Digicel’ App?

To log into the Application, please follow the below steps:

  • Launch the ‘My Digicel’ app.
  • Select the option ‘Connect with your Digicel ID’.
  • Enter your ‘Mobile Number’ and ‘Password’.
  • Click on ‘Login’.
  • Home Page will be displayed.

7. I have forgotten my login password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please do the following:

  • Click on ‘Forgot Password’.
  • Enter mobile number or email address then click on ‘Request to reset’.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the verification code sent via SMS.
  • Once the correct code is entered, you will be prompted to enter a new password.
  • Enter and confirm new password then click on ‘Submit’.
  • Password will be successfully changed.
  • For Blackberry devices ‘Forgot Password’ option is access by pressing the Blackberry button.

8. How do I log out of the ‘My Digicel’ app?

To log out of App:

  • Android phone: you are required to click on the settings icon and select ‘Logout’. 
  • Blackberry phone: you are required to press the Blackberry menu button and from the menu list select ‘Logout’.

9. What information is displayed when I click on ‘My Balance’?

If you are a prepaid customer and select ‘My Balance’, all balances associated with your account are displayed. Each tab shows the following information displayed:

  •  Main Balance: You can use this credit to make calls, send SMS, browse the internet or buy Digicel plans.
  •  Data Remaining (If customer has an active data plan): This is the data you have remaining in your data bundle.
  •  Credit Limit: This is the total amount you can use on your account before your service is Credit Limit barred. (NOT including GCT & STC tax).
  •  Last Invoice Amount: This is the last amount you were billed for.
  •  Amount Owing: This is a total of your last invoice amount and month-to-date charges, including GCT & STC tax.
  •  Other Mobile/Intl: These minutes are used to call Other Networks and International numbers.
  •  Digi to Digi/Landline: These minutes are used to call Digicel and Landline numbers only.
  •  On Net SMS: This is the number of SMS you have remaining on your account and may be used to send text messages to Digicel numbers.
  •  International Minutes: This shows the amount of minutes you have remaining on your International Call plan.
  •  Bonus Balance: This shows the bonus credit you have associated with your account.
  •  Online top up: This will allow you to add credit to your account directly.

10. What is displayed when I select the Digicel More App?

Once the feature is enabled and a call/s has been made to trigger End of Call Offers, the offer will be displayed.

11. What is the Digicel More App?

The Digicel More app allows companies’ advertisements of products and services to customers who have downloaded Digicel More app onto smartphones and opted into the service. Once you opted into the service, you will receive an advertisement from one of the participating companies after every incoming or outgoing call. You may also choose to read and then close the message, save the advertisement to their device or redeem an offer received in the advertisement (where applicable). The ability (where applicable) to select the advert and be routed directly to the official website will also me available.

12. How do I activate ‘Digicel More’ via the My Digicel App?

From the MyDigicel home screen, you would: 

  •  Click the menu button and select Settings.
  •  Settings page is displayed with option to enable Digicel More. 
  •  Enable Digicel More by clicking on the check box.

13. Are there any charges associated with the use of the app?

  • No, once you have an active data plan the data bundle they will be used to support the app.
  • Can the App be used without an active Data Plan?
  • Yes, you will still receive the pop up adds at the end of making or receiving a call.

Note: You will be charged regular data rates of KYD$ 40/MB for selecting advertisements that include hyperlinks to external websites.


14. How can the I save Ads from the App?

Ads are automatically saved within the app under the “Offers History” Tab.

15. How can I view previous Ads on my smartphone?

To view the past advertisement, you only have to open the app, select ‘Offers History’ and search through the list.

16. How do I remove Digicel More?

To remove the App, you are required to: 

  •  Go back to the MyDigicel app settings page and disable Digicel More.
  •  Make another call and hang up, no Ad should be shown after the call has ended.

17. What information is displayed when I click on ‘My Account’?

When a you click on ‘My Account’, you will see “My Phone Number” , “PrePaid Rate Plan”, “Service Fee Expiry”. The Mobile Number is not editable.

18. What information is displayed when I click on “Credit U”?

When “Credit U” is selected, three(3) screen options are displayed :

  1.  Favorite Contacts: This shows that contacts can be added from the phonebook. For e.g. below shows two contacts credit is send to on a regular basis.
  2.  Transfer to: This shows the number the credit will be transferred to.
  3.  Transfer amount (JMD): This shows the amount that will be applied to the account.

Note: There is a disclaimer advising the you that a charge of KYD$ 5 will be taken from your account.

19. Can I use the MyDigicel app to send credit to a prepaid 4G Broadband account?

Yes. You may send credit to a prepaid 4G Broadband account by:

  •  Clicking on the down arrow and selecting “1020”.
  •  Entering the remaining 7-digits of the 4G Broadband account you wish to send the credit to.
  •  Select or enter the amount you wish to send and click “Send”.
  •  Click “Continue” when confirmation message is displayed. You may “Cancel” the transaction at this point also.

20. What information is displayed when I click on ‘My Plans’?

  • When ‘My Plans’ is selected, three (3) screen options are displayed:
  1.  Current Plan: This shows your active plans and expiry dates. For e.g. below shows two (2) active plans - Int’l 1000 and Free Nights and Weekends. If the you have no active plans, “No plans activated” will be displayed. 
  2.  Available Plans: This shows all the compatible plans a you may purchase. 
  3.  Expired Plans: This shows all the plans that have expired. If the you have no expired plans, “No expired plan found” will be displayed. 
  • Plans are displayed in three (3) categories:
  1.  Data Plans: Displays all active data plans for e.g. 2G 150 MB Digicel Internet Bundle.
  2.  Voice Plans: Displays all active voice plans for e.g. Int’l 1000.
  3.  Other Plans: Displays plans such as PostPaid Free Nights and Weekends.

21. How do I purchase a plan via the ‘My Digicel’ app?

If you are a prepaid or postpaid customer, you may purchase a Voice or Data plan via the ‘My Digicel’ app.

To purchase a plan, you are required to:

  •  Log in to the ‘My Digicel’ app.
  •  Select ‘My Plans’ then ‘Available Plans’. All available plans will be displayed.
  •  Then click on ‘Buy’ corresponding to the plan you wish to purchase.
  •  Select ‘Yes’ to confirm plan purchase. 

Once there is sufficient credit in the main account, the credit will be deducted and the plan will be activated within minutes.

  •  A confirmation will be sent via SMS to the mobile number on which the plan was activated. If there is insufficient credit in the main account, a SMS will be sent to the mobile number advising of this.

22. What is displayed when ‘*137#’ is selected?

When this tab is selected, the ‘How to’ Self- Help menu will be displayed. This will reflect the menu options available via the current *137# Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) where you may receive information on Digicel’s products and services.

23. What is displayed when ‘Top Up’ tab is selected?

When this tab is selected, the Digicel Online Top Up page will be displayed. You may top any Digicel prepaid mobile and 4G broadband number using a credit card.

24. What is displayed when ‘What’s New’ tab is selected?

This tab will display the following:

  • Digicel Recommends: Displays apps recommended by Digicel such as - Netflix, WhatsApp, Adobe Reader, My Data Manager, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Evernote. 
  • Provides information on Digicel related Entertainment, Promotions, Sports and Community. 
  • Promos: Provides links to FAQs for promotions on the Digicel Jamaica website. 

ONLY the ‘What’s New’ section is subject to data charges. A warning message will be displayed each time a you select this tab.

25. How do I change my login password?

If you are using the below devices, ensure you follow the appropriate steps below:


To change your log in password, click on the settings icon then select ‘Manage Digicel ID’.

  •  Select the option ‘Password’ and then select ‘Change Password’.
  •  Enter your current password in the ‘Old Password’ field.
  •  Then enter your new password in the ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ fields and click ‘Submit’. Blackberry.
  •  To change your log in password, press the Blackberry button, and select ‘Settings’.
  •  From the ‘Settings’ menu select ‘Change Password’.
  •  The change password form will be displayed.
  •  Enter your current password in the ‘Old Password’ field.
  •  Then enter your new password in the ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ fields and click ‘Submit’.

26. What information is displayed when I click on the settings tab?

When this tab is selected it shows a list of different options that can be done regarding the settings for the “MyDigicel” app is displayed. They are “ManageDigicelID”, “Clear Data Cache”, ‘Logout’ and “About”.

27. What information is displayed when I click on the ‘Manage Digicel ID’ option?

When “ManageDigicelID” is selected, three(3) screen options are displayed :

  1.  Account: This shows the ‘Mobile Number’, “First Name”, ‘Last Name”, “Language” There is an option also to edit/update the account. 
  2.  Security: This shows how to change the password that is set for the app.Please note that the options “2-Step Verification” and “Connected Applications and Sites” are NOT accessible to customers at this time.
  3.  Notification: This is to manage what notifications are enabled while using the “MyDigicel” app.

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